3 Low Calorie High Protein Snacks

Low calorie high protein snacks do not only help you lose weight but these are very healthy for your body. It is not that easy getting the perfect balance of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber but these elements are really what make up a good and well balanced diet. There are lots of foods out there that bring you a balance amount of nutrients. There are also snacks that you can nibble around every day. Here are three examples of low calorie high protein snacks that you can eat without experiencing any guilty pleasures.

1. Health shakes – If you are a sweet tooth or a lover of cold drinks then you can grab a healthy glass of health shake. Although many say that shakes are unhealthy but they have the wrong idea. There are different types of health shakes and each has its own advantages for your health. However, you do not have to taste them all in order to know if they are good for the body or not. There are simply shakes out there that comprise of organic and natural ingredients such as high protein low calories shakes.

These shakes have low calorie counts which imply that they have simple sugars and fewer carbohydrates which are usually the main culprits of weight gain. One example of such goodness is the strawberry mix shake. A hundred grams of strawberry, 50 of seedless grapes, 100 grams of fresh apple, 15 grams sweet dried whey, 350 ml water, and 6 ice cubes can do the trick for this amazing health shake.

2. Tuna Niscoise – Sea foods such as tuna are some of the best and healthiest snacks out there. If you want to stay fit why not grab some tasty tuna niscoise. When preparing this tasty treat you can start off with a small plate, 2 large gem lettuce leaves, and sprinkle it with half a tin of tuna. Add boiled eggs split into half and red onions chopped in circles. If you like you can add some baby potatoes to make it tastier. A low calorie dressing or French dressing can wrap up the whole recipe. You can even pair with grilled mackerel or sea bass with yellow or red peppers and sweet corns.

3. Salad – You will be amazed at how yummy salad can be for your daily snack. Salad does not only mean green leafy veggies. There are a lot of amazing things you can do with veggies and turning them into mix and match salad is a healthy choice for a low calorie high protein snack. Poached egg salad is a great addition to your snacks list. You can make it by simple tossing some olives, beetroot, tomatoes, capers, beetroot, and gem lettuce. Add poached egg add some olive oil. There are relatively lesser calories found in such kinds of salads thereby they are absolutely healthy snacks.

These are only three of the many low calorie high protein snacks that you can prepare all by yourself at home. If you want to know other healthy snacks you can simply go online.