What Are the Fast Effective Treatments For Male Yeast Infections?

Something seldom talked about is a male yeast infection, and yet it is as important as female yeast overgrowth. You see when a man gets infected he can then pass it on to a female partner. You would think there would be more emphasis on treating this fairly common occurrence. However, this number of occurrence is growing globally yearly and you must seek effective treatment if you suspect you or your loved ones are suffering from yeast overgrowth.


Men unlike women can have and carry an infection for years without knowing it. In fact most of the time it is the internal problems that come with the infection that indicate a problem. Symptoms include gas, bloating, diarrhea, sweet cravings, mood swings among this myriad of obvious signs.

Men do not usually experience the swelling, itching and burning commonly associated with yeast overgrowth because they are built differently than women. The temperature on the male genitalia stays a constant 77 degrees, which keeps the disease dormant. That is until it comes in contact with the fertile breeding ground of the vagina.


There is very little difference between the natural cures for male yeast infection and female. Most over the counter treatments can be used by men in spite of the fact that they are labeled for vaginal use only. You can find anti-fungal and bacterial treatments at your local drug store or retail outlet.

Natural cures for male yeast infection will likewise be slanted toward the female yeast infection. However many of these treatments will be just as effective for you.

Genetian violet tincture is a natural treatment that some have found to be effective. Gently swab a small amount around the opening of the penis. You should know that this treatment will stain everything it touches varying shades of purple!

A trip to your physician’s office may leave you high and dry for a male yeast infection treatment simply because it is hard to detect. Nevertheless if your doctor does determine yeast is your problem they will likely prescribe Diflucan, an oral treatment, or an over the counter ointment.

There are many treatments available; however, most are geared toward the female genitalia even though male infections are just as common as female. Look at it this way every woman who has had intercourse while infected could pass the yeast to her partner.


All of the treatments you can find for male yeast infection will be advertised for women. That does not mean they are completely ineffective, but you might want to consider a treatment that gets to the bottom of the problem instead of treating only your symptoms. Look for a natural cure that will stop the yeast where it starts instead simply removing symptoms until the next time!