10 Key Tips For Apprentices That They Can Eat Healthy On A Suitable Budget | by Mudasir Asim Soomro | Sep, 2020

Mudasir Asim Soomro

Here are some 10 key tips that you simply can eat healthy on an appropriate budget so I would like to share a number of the ideas I’ve learned over the years things that have helped me because honestly once I started eating healthy it had been really expensive within the beginning until I quite figure it out where should be spending my money.

No.1 Skip The Fashionable Foods: Things like quinoa chia seeds acai berries goji berries they’re nutritious but you’ll eat healthy without having these trendy foods in your diet. these trendy foods add tons of expense and it isn’t really well worth the cost. If you cannot afford it. I’m all about eating basics. Basics can bring down your food budget examples with foods that are but a dollar serving are bananas, apples, oranges, onions, carrots, winter squash, beets, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes. oats, beans, and lentils. of these things are under one dollar a serving so you recognize what if you’ll stick with the fundamentals you’ll definitely eat healthy and i am not saying you only got to stick with this list you’ll eat other things too but this is often an excellent start line if you’re on a budget.

No.2 Try Cutting Out The Expensive Supplements: Now I’m not talking about supplements you absolutely need like certain vitamins and minerals. I’m talking about those add-on like green powder, protein powder they are nice to haves not must-haves. They add considerable expense for example protein powder is about $2 to $4 a serving. Now I can get the same amount of protein about 20 grams per scoop in something like eggs or beans and lentils and it’s a lot cheaper. So if you can afford it great but if you’re on a budget and you need to cut down cut down on the expensive supplements.

No.3 Buy Your Produce In Season: Now if you buy berries in the summer they’re not too expensive. But the same berries in the winter can sometimes be double the cost. If you’re on a budget try to buy your fruits and veggies in season and you can cut down a few dollars.

No.4 Eat Frozen Fruits And Veggies: Now I’m not saying this is the only thing you can eat but they are nutritious because they are packed at their peak freshness and they’re inexpensive. Now I don’t like the taste of frozen fruits and veggies they do not taste good but you can make them taste better depending on the type of recipes you use. So for frozen fruit I suggest smoothies and oatmeal. These two they don’t taste so bad you can’t taste that wateriness. Now when it comes to frozen veggies you have to be a bit more careful you can’t sautee them they do not taste good but if you use them in soups stews and curries they’re not so bad.

No.5 Shop Smart! Buy generic brands. Generic always cost less than the branded products and sometimes the taste isn’t really that different. Buy in bulk when things are on sale so when things are on sale and it’s something that’s not perishable something that you eat a lot of like for me it’s coconut oil. I stock up buy it on sale and store it in my pantry for later every dollar counts when you’re on a budget.

No.6 Add Some Plant-Based Protein! Okay you don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to get the benefits of this even if you’re a meat-eater that’s okay you can still add some plant-based protein and save some money. So if you want to cut down on your weekly budget the thing you could do is add some beans and lentils because they’re relatively inexpensive and they’re decent sources of protein.

No.7 Meal Planning: Okay so I know a meal planning sounds really really difficult but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many great resources on Pinterest or just Google wheel-turning you’ll find something that works for you. The reason why I think meal is so great it’s because you can go into your week knowing exactly what you need to buy and exactly what you’re going to eat and because of this you’re not wasting money on food that’s just gonna sit in your fridge and rot away.

No.8 Go In With A Shopping List: Okay so this tip is related to the meal planning you plan the meal you make the grocery list you stick to the list. Now I’m not saying you can’t eat things off the list I do buy things off the list but if you have a list you’re less tempted to buy all those extra add-ons that really bring up the price.

No.9 Cook Your Food In Bulk And Freeze It: So once a week on a Sunday I will cook in bulk I’ll make something in my instant pot it could be soup it could be stew whatever it is I’ll cook a big batch. Big enough that I can eat it for dinner that night and I can have it for lunch the next day and I can freeze a portion because that way by freezing it I actually have a meal for a day when I don’t feel like cooking and instead of ordering in I’ll just reach into my freezer defrost it heat it up and I have a meal ready and I don’t have to do dishes so you’re saving money and it’s convenient.

No.10 Pack Your Lunch: Okay so if you’re working and there’s a cafeteria wherever you work it’s so easy just to go downstairs and buy whatever’s there and while you can make healthy choices it’s still expensive because eating out is always more expensive than eating at home. So packing lunch can really save you dollars.

So there you have it those were my top ten tips to eat healthy on a budget and I hope some of these tips will be useful now you know what to do if you liked the article please tell us in the comment box below. What are some of your tips to eat healthy on a budget.

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