25 Healthy Late Night Snacks Perfect for Midnight Munchies

When the clock strikes midnight, you know we’re reaching for healthy snacks. But what some of us consider “healthy” might be junk food to others, so let’s all agree on one thing: Having snacks at the ready when we start our late-night stroll through the kitchen for the perfect sweet or salty somethin’ is essential. Whether you’re trying to eat keto, gluten-free, or just trying to add more color to your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables, we’ve got plenty of healthy snack ideas for when the cravings start calling.

Personally, I have a major salt tooth. Chips and guac, stovetop popcorn, and even salami bites call my name when it’s snack time. Instead of ordering my favorite Domino’s cheesy bread, I whip up a homemade version, zucchini cheesy bread, that goes just as well with marinara as it does with some late night trash TV-watching.

But if you’re more on the sweeter side of the snacking spectrum, worry not. Try a batch of our sour patch grapes, keto chocolate mug cake, or our fruit dip. You just might find yourself putting that fruit dip on everything, whether it’s fruit salad or your morning oatmeal the next day.

Wanting some more substantial healthy meals? We’ve got plenty of healthy dinners, quick, healthy, and affordable meals , as well as healthy dinners for two.

And if you’re feeling a bit more decadent, go for it. We support your right to treat yourself: Try some of our favorite desserts for any time and our best game day party snacks.