5 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Quality Fitness Clothing in the US

People in the US are very concerned about body image and take good care of themselves. They go to the gym to exercise, engage in various diet plans, purchase fitness gears, walk and jog, all to keep their body firm, strong and attractive. They spend a lot of time and money just to look good.

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The fitness apparel market is huge in the US. Companies have gone beyond just producing sweatpants, t-shirts, sneakers, exercise bras, for fitness junkies. They have moved into creating apps that help people exercise easier, faster and to reach their fitness goals accurately.

Such inventions include apps that can be downloaded on smartphones that can help to calculate how many calories one has burned or needs to burn, how many steps one has taken in a particular period or needs to take and other kinds of stuff like that. Need sites for gym clothes online? Search online for them.

Fitness clothing companies have also gone beyond the usual cotton to give comfort. Many companies have ventured into innovative ways of making the perfect fitness outfit that will reduce how much sweat stays on the body and how it is dried off the skin. Some companies manufacture fabrics in ways that help keep the earth safe from pollution.

Here’s a look at 5 online stores that sell quality fitness clothing in the US

1. Lululemon

Though they made designs only for Yoga, they have now spread their nets into making gym wears. Their designs are highly flexible, allowing wearers to move in any direction, and stylish enough for a trip to the gym. They also have casual clothing and designs for both men and women.

2. Fabletics

Co-owned by actress Kate Hudson, they design workout clothes at very affordable prices for their customers, have membership subscriptions on personalized outfits and everyday discounts on gear.

3. Outdoor Voices

Their designs are more traditionally styled gym wear with emphasis on taking sweat away from the body to the fabric’s surface where it quickly dries up. The user doesn’t have to worry about sweating. Their designs are for both males and females alike.

4. Leorever

This American sportswear company could be expensive but it is worth it because their fabrics are quite innovative. Their clothes are breathable, comfortable and durable and they last very long.

5. Girlfriend Collective

They manufacture their fabrics from recycled water bottles, helping to keep the environment clean and safe. They cater majorly for all women of all sizes (up to 6XL).

These fitness apparel stores have designed and produced outfits that give the users fitness, style, and comfort as they wear them. When planning to buy fitness apparel check for comfort, design, colour, fit and generally what you feel comfortable in.