7 Best Smart Home Gym Equipment You Should Buy

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 which resulted in the imposed restrictions to movement and outdoor activities, we have deviated from the former routine of going to the gym or taking runs and exercises down the road.

Information from sources like UK.collected.reviews suggests that this turn has led to almost everybody having fitness equipment for gym activities right inside their home. Several exercises such as weightlifting, running, boxing, rowing, swimming and others can now be done indoors in order to follow the quarantine guidelines for our safety.

A home gym is easy and convenient for you once you can expand it to fit in those fitness routines you’d love. However, the right and smart equipment can be purchased from reliable tech stores to have the experience you’d have in a gym replicated in your home. It comes with a lot of fun and can keep you connected to virtual instructors.

Here are 7 best Smart home gym equipment we have recommended for you:

1.      Nordic Track Commercial X22i Treadmill

This is used for running up a treadmill. It has Google maps technology and can help you run anywhere you are in the world. The tracks connected to it can help monitor your gym activities by your virtual instructors and at the same time, help you fulfill your fitness goals.

2.      Peloton Cycling Bike

If you are looking for the best cycling experience, you should consider this Peloton Cycling Bike. It is in fact possible for you to connect it to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to track your body’s exertion and heart rate. Another benefit of this bike is that it doesn’t occupy too much space and it works very smartly.



3.      Tonal

This Tonal is for body and strength development. It has 17 different sensors and touchscreen to monitor time for each activity. It is very easy to control and operate.

4.      Tempo studio

Tempo studio gives training for strength. It comes with excellent and expert instructors. There is also a session for cardio classes. The heart rate monitor connected to this equipment makes workout easy and smart.

5.      Mirror

Whenever you are boxing, doing yoga or any activity, it is advisable that you track your progress. This Mirror equipment helps you track your speed and performance. It includes work out videos and comes with instructions for body fitness—forms and reps.

6.      Hydro rower

This equipment is a perfect device for rowing that makes you feel like you are in water. It has an efficient virtual and sound system that gives you that amazing feel. It has 22″ HD sweat and dust resistant touchscreen. You’ll be able to hear the athletes’ instructions and play music, too.

7.      FightCamp Gym

With FightCamp Gym you can have a great day. It is a great means to burn up. It has a punching bag that you can fill with sand or water and it also has boxing gloves and quick wraps to protect your hands. With the tracker connected to this equipment, you can calculate your punch speed.

The need for having a fitness goal cannot be understated. Whether you are exercising outdoors or indoors, you should be able to fulfil those goals. The usefulness of exercises are for things we cannot control—the normal working condition of the body. It helps to boost energy and give good sleep and endorphin surge. Your immune system is taken care of.