9 Delicious Road Trip Snacks That Are Dietician Approved

Yummy travel snacks are a must for road trips. They help keep the hangries at bay, making road trip travel adventures more enjoyable. We, as road trippers, don’t often stop for a nutritious lunch when we have a destination goal, which makes it even more important to travel with nutritious snacks.

Years ago, road trips meant we would pack chips, soda, Twinkies, Oreo cookies, Twizzlers, and other sweet and salty vacation treats. That won’t cut it if we want to stay healthy while on the road. The goal is to swap out our unhealthy snacks for more nutritious options that still taste great, keep us satiated, and don’t add to our waistline.

I spoke with Rose Pacific, a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), about what makes a great road trip snack. As an expert in nutrition, Pacific recommends filling your snack bag and cooler with lots of healthy options to keep you satisfied along your road trip route.

She suggests “including some nutrient-dense snacks in your travel kitchen; they will help ensure that you have the energy to enjoy your destination when you arrive. Look for items that have protein, fat, and/or fiber to help keep you full on the drive.” Make packing your road trip kitchen a group effort. Set parameters around what foods are acceptable, and let all travelers choose some of their favorite healthy snacks.

Healthy Snacks For Road Trip Success

Great road trip snacks will keep you going, keep you satisfied, and keep you happy. Eating healthy while you are on the road will help you feel better and you will enjoy your getaway knowing you are not overindulging.

By simply swapping out a few high-fat and high-sugar snacks for healthier snack options, you can keep your road tripping experience more about the adventure and less about Oreo cookies.

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Pro Tip: Choose a cooler that is the perfect size for the snack options you pack. A full cooler will help keep the internal temperature down and your snacks will hold the chill longer. Pack other, non-refrigerated snacks in a firm container so they don’t get crushed when you are rummaging through the road trip detritus that always seems to end up strewn everywhere.

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