Adding Variety to Your Meals

Are you looking for new ways to add variety to the meals you prepare? Whether you are trying to prepare healthier foods for your family or simply looking for new ideas for a dinner party, you can’t go wrong with recipes that are low carb and high protein.

If you are worried about your family turning their noses up at your new healthy meals, fear not. Chances are, your new concoctions will be so delicious when they arrive at the table that your family won’t even realize how healthy they are.

It is easy to prepare delicious, healthy meals once you know a little bit about the best ingredients. For example, some carbs should be avoided. White rice, jam, crackers, and pasta all pack a lot of carbs and should be avoided.

A salad is the perfect way to start any meal. You can mix a delicious salad with lots of raw veggies and a bit of cheese for flavor. Or add fresh fruit for flavor and color. It’s important not to drown your healthy salad in unhealthy salad dressing. Get in the habit of buying light salad dressings or mix your own vinaigrette.

What veggies does your family like to eat raw? Be sure to include these in the salad. If you have finicky children, try letting them pick out the veggies or fruit for the salad. You want your family to actually eat the salad!

Now for the main course – meat! Meat is high in protein, and if you prepare it right, low in carbs. You have many meats to choose from, so you can have a different meal every night!

Fish is a very healthy choice, and with all of the different types of fish available, you can serve it several times a week without your family tiring of it.

Remember that meat should be enjoyed daily, but not in oversized portions, and not fried.