Dental Infection, Focal Infection, Death and Dentistry

A statement I made earlier in this book, Root Canal Cover-Up

exposed! Many Illnesses Result, is most likely causing some of

my dental colleagues to bitterly resent the charge that our

profession has unknowingly been responsible for the deaths of many of our patients.

How could I make such a statement when not a single one of all my

dentist friends and acquaintances has knowingly lost a patient?

Ours has generally been considered a safe profession to practice,

certainly not one which involves fatality.

For dentist, physicians or patients who think I am merely being

a sensationalist, this chapter, which reviews the book Death and

Dentistry by Martin H. Fischer, M.D., may help put this whole

subject in its true perspective.

Dr. Fischer’s book states the microorganisms from teeth and tonsils metastasize to other organs and tissues, similar to the phenomenon which occurs in cancer and results in similar disagreeable circumstances.

Dr. Fischer, a professor of physiology, reminds us the heart

disease problems of endocarditis, pericarditis and myocarditis

were found to be caused by streptococci and diplococci bacteria,

and that these bacteria are also found in chronic appendicitis

and bleeding ulcer cases, plus gall bladder and liver diseases.

We all know of people who die of these afflictions despite

antibiotics. A good many of them have immune systems which have

been overtaxed for long periods of time by hidden focal infections

and their toxins. Such people more readily develop pneumonia or some other affliction which eventually causes their deaths.

Dr. Fischer reported how Dr. E.C. Rosenow (not Milton Rosenau, a

Price Research Institute advisor) isolated streptococcus bacteria

from a human infected appendix and injected these bacteria into

animals, 80 percent of which developed appendicitis. The same

Dr. Rosenow reported in the AMA Journal how he had produced

stomach and duodental ulcers in 18 rabbits, six dogs and

monkey by inoculating these animals with bacteria from the tonsils and the tissues of patients with rheumatism.

Dr. Rosenow stated most doctors think ulcers in the stomach are

due to the patient’s swallowing bacteria from infected tonsils or

teeth, but the contents their mode of spread is through the