Dentists and Halloween: It’s "Fang" Tastic

Dentists love Halloween. For it is on this night that they celebrate. Each time they see someone in a vampire costume complete with fanged teeth, they are reminded of their calling. It is a little known fact, but many dentists choose their profession after seeing movies such as Dracula or Vamp and having a desire to fix those fangs. In fact, there are so many similarities between dentists and vampires, most dentists are amazed that people never noticed the connection. See for yourself:

  • Like vampires who leave only two tiny bite marks when done, dentists perform their work with little or no evidence of the procedure, thanks to advances in technology which make dental work virtually painless and worry-free.
  • Vampires are seen as mysterious creatures that slip in at night, leaving their victims with no memory of the visit. Dentists can also perform their work while patients are asleep, thanks to the wonder of sedation dentistry.
  • After a vampire has bitten a victim, that person then becomes a vampire and grows fangs as well. Dentists can also affix a patient with temporary fangs, but they happen to think people look better with straight, permanent implants.
  • In the movies, after being bitten by a vampire, the victim is shown s happy and satisfied. When people leave the dentist, and see their new smile, they feel that same pleasure.
  • Vampires lure their victims with promises of eternal life. Dentists entice their clients with opportunities for a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

So, if you have long canine teeth that extend past the lips (or you just have an overbite), you don’t have to wait until Halloween to find out how you can be helped. See your local dentist before you find yourself roaming the dark streets in search of blood (or candy).