Doctor warns that fear has been weaponized for political gain during coronavirus pandemic

A doctor warns in a new book that fear has been weaponized during the coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID-19: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science” was published Tuesday from Turner Books and it has clear message. Manipulative forces have co-opted alarm about coronavirus and stolen the nation’s peace of mind.

And who or what are these forces? They are the government, the news media and our own psyche, says author Dr. Marc Siegel, a clinical professor of medicine at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine and a Fox News analyst whose fans include President Trump and Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin.

“Any attempt to put this pandemic in proper medical context was immediately overcome by politics,” wrote Dr. Siegel, citing partisan infighting, apocalyptic headlines, riots, protests, fear mongering and lockdowns that have marred everyday life.

“The virus is dangerous. The virus provokes fear out of proportion to the risk. This fear is its own corrosive disease and causes us to jump to quick answers, often over-politicized by a media hoping for ratings and politicians anxious to control us. This fear leads to dogma and distrust, premature judgement, hypocrisy and pseudoscience,” Dr. Siegel told The Washington Times.

“The solution? Trust science — which has been proceeding in an incredible rate both in terms of understanding the virus and treating it and vaccinating against it,” the author continued — offering one more doctor’s order.

“Exercise kindness to others, and courage. These emotions are processed by the same brain centers which process fear,” Dr. Siegel said.

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