Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Latest To Test Positive For COVID-19; Infected POTUS “Doing Very Well” Under New Treatment

The coronavirus infected Donald Trump is doing “very well” under a new treatment at Walter Reed Medcal Center but his reelection campaign manager now has tested positive for the disease.

Just minutes after the former Celebrity Apprentice host’s White House physician Sean Conley issued another update on his boss’ condition and the implementation of an experimental antibody drug, Bill Stepien has become the latest but surely not the last Trump aide to now have COVID-19.

Deputy Campaign Manager Justin Clark has taken over direct control of the reelection effort at Trump HQ while ex-White House political director Stepien works from quarantine

Like Melania Trump, Hope Hicks, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, at least a couple of Senators, Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins and Trump’s 2016 campaign co-manager, Stepien was at the September 26 Rose Garden ceremony unveiling SCOTUS nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Tracking timelines, that mask free and social distancing free event now looks increasingly like a GOP elite superspreader that has rendered most of the Executive branch under personal lockdown inits blast radius.

The spiral out of that Rose Garden ceremony will surely see more cases in the coming days, if the current trajectory continues. Vice-President Mike Pence was also at the Barrett announcement but has tested negative so far

The First Lady, Hicks, Stepien were also among those who traveled with the consistently COVID-19 downplaying Trump to the September 29 Presidential debate against Joe Biden. So far, most of the Trump family as well as debate prep leaders Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani have reported negative results or no results.

Pulling in to that first of three debates at the 11th hour, Trump and his crew shrugged off taking a test at the Cleveland event, citing not enough time and claiming they receive frequent testing. The former VP and his close aides were not informed of the lack of testing at the debate nor of Hick’s positive test until it leaked on Thursday night. Within hours the inevitable fallout saw Trump and his wife going into self-quarantine and coming down with the coronavirus themselves.

Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden took two tests today that both came back negative. Leading in the polls, the Bidens were out on the campaign trail on Friday. The Trump campaign has pulled the plug on all its headliner’s events including a stop in Florida that was supposed to take place this afternoon.

In what seems like a very quick and unlikely turnaround of the virus following exposure, the mild symptom experiencing Stepien joins the more than 7. 3 million Americans who have developed confirmed cases of coronavirus.

In the meantime, since arriving at Walter Reed earlier today, Trump has started a regime of a more aggressive treatment as the latest press release from the White House claims:

Significantly, with just over 30 days before the election, no doctors have come before the press and public to actually outline what is really going on at the upper reaches of the Trump administration and who go what when – at least not yet.

At the same time, as over 207,000 people in the USA have died from COVID-19, the top Republican in the House of Representatives is acting like everything is smooth sailing.

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