Effective Marketing Ideas for Dentists

Seeing your dentist chair empty more often? Waiting all day long and still not getting enough patients? That may be because you are not doing enough to drive them to your office. A patient visits a dental clinic when he or she is thoroughly educated about the procedures and services. And you probably are not educating potential patients enough. You might be the best dentist around experience wise. But when it comes to patients, they just don’t come walking through the door. You have to echo your name and build a reputation that not only brings in fresh clients, but also retains the existing ones.

So, how to go about spreading a word about your practice? Marketing is the only way to make prospective patients aware of your practice’s existence. There are multiple dental marketing ideas that you can use effectively to generate a new lease of patients. From offline to online methods, they all contribute to your practice’s success. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

a) Today’s patients seek online help to find a relevant dentist. They research extensively before making an appointment. A web page helps patients find information they want, such as your clinical experience, achievements, breakthrough cases, services offered, working hours, etc. Moreover, it assist patients find you without a recommendation. A recent data showed millions across the United States are searching for dentists online. You can help them find your website with an emphasis on town, city, or state.

b) A website is good for nothing if patients are unable to find it in the search results. So when you are designing your website, design it in lieu with search engine optimization fundamentals. Ensure the use of appropriate content that search engines can index. Create innovative page titles and description for your website. In addition, insert relevant keywords in the web addresses.

c) Social media is having a big impact on search engine results. A doctor-patient relationship make social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, influential tools for dental care providers. Profiles on social networking sites allow you to keep in touch with your patients all the time. On the other hand, patients get remedies for their issues more conveniently.

d) An email marketing service will allow you to send newsletters, alerts and messages to current, prospective patients and professional colleagues who you want to refer patients to you. Create multiple newsletters targeted at different set of patients. For example, newsletter sent to old aged patients should be different from the one sent to young children.

e) Practice brochures help raise awareness of your services and encourage patient-to-patient referrals. If you conduct health education programs and seminars, take brochures with you. Tie up with the local real estate agents and ask them to include your brochures in their welcome packets for new homeowners.

f) People, who don’t have internet, use newspapers and magazine ads to find information on dentists. Print advertising can be expensive, but effective and result-oriented at the same time. A study found that households with low incomes are less likely to go online to look for health professionals.