Eight healthy snack options to take to kids when visiting them

Esther Muchene

A good way to teach kids about healthy living is to feed them healthier foods (Shutterstock)

We all need to learn good dieting habits. One of the key secrets to long life, besides eliminating stress and keeping fit, is eating healthy.

Healthy living should start at a young age. And one way to teach kids about it is to feed them healthier foods. They might fret at first because healthy foods don’t always taste the best. In the long run, they will realize the importance of eating right once they reap all the benefits.

When you’re visiting them, it’s definitely not a good idea to take candies or fatty foods all the time. Combine all the calories they’re getting from them and you’ll realize that it’s a staggering amount.

You have to get creative and choose healthier snacks and meals without compromising on sweetness. Here are a few examples

i.Dark chocolate treats

Dark chocolate and usual milk chocolate are different in so many ways. Dark chocolate is good for the heart, it has antioxidants and it has more minerals and vitamins.

Sure, it doesn’t taste exactly the same as milk chocolates but it’s a much better option. Just make sure they don’t eat the whole box at once.

ii.Yoghurt smoothies

Yoghurt is one of the tastiest and healthiest treats I know. It replenishes the healthy bacteria in your body and it’s actually recommended by doctors.

Make it a bit more interesting by making a rainbow smoothie and add some berries in there.

The multicolored layers are achieved either by using drops of food color with each layer or by blending yoghurt with different fruits like blueberries to give it a pop of color.

iii.Diet cake

Making cake at home gives you control of the ingredients. It also gives you freedom to add your own creative twists to make it healthier than store bought cakes.

Reduce the amount of unhealthy ingredients like sugar or replace it with better alternatives.

iv.Vegetable pizza

Kids aren’t usually so thrilled after they realize the pizza that was brought is a veggie pizza. You can change all that by tweaking one or two things.

First, work on the presentation. Vegetable pizza often looks bland so you should use colorful ingredients to make it more eye catching. Then double up on the sauce. The strength of vegetable pizza lies in the sauces. These two adjustments will easily win them over.

v.Chicken salad

This is a good replacement for fast food chicken which barely has any nutritional value. The salad is healthy and chicken will make the meal more filling.

There are many ways you can tweak the salad so it’ll always be something new each time you visit them. Prepare tasty dressing to complete the meal.

vi.Veggie samosas with dip

Vegetable samosas are relatively easy to make. Pair that with a nice saucy or creamy dip for the perfect snack recipe.

vii.Sweet potato fries

Why not ditch the usual potato fries for a better option like sweet potato fries? Once they taste these, they’ll literally wonder why they’ve been eating potato fries all their lives.

They’re a perfect mix of sweet and salty and they’re healthy. It doesn’t get better than that.

viii.Tropical ice lollies

They’ll be so excited to taste these. You can make a combination of a creamy lolly with just two or three ingredients. Mix some fruit puree into a cup of yogurt then add a bit of cream.

Get some fresh juice of your choice ideally your own blend because it’s healthier than the manufactured juices. Get your Popsicle tray and pour in the yoghurt layer first then the juice layer.

Keep in the freezer for a few hours. Put them in a cooler so they don’t melt before arriving.

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