Facelift Procedure: Consider Pros and Cons

A facelift procedure is routinely a common choice, but you must consider its advantages and drawbacks distinctly. Cosmetic facelift Toronto treatment is also a popular therapy. In brief, these are the typical issues that facelift surgery can resolve and the occasions where another alternative is more suitable.

When A Facelift Is Ideal For You?

The biggest explanation for the continuing success of the facelift is its remarkable ability to cope with most people’s age-related complaints. My patients repeatedly state that they first observe facial aging in the jawlines and around their lips. Ideal applicants for facial lifting have some common things:

  • The aging of the lower two-thirds of the face is the biggest problem for them.
  • The skin in the cheeks and the jawline is sagging which is troubling them.
  • They have a solid, intact bone structure, which can handle surgical adjustments.

The development of neckbands is another clear sign of facial lifting which gradually lax the platysma muscle and produces stronger facial creases for areas such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds. Aging adds to several facial changes, but they cannot all be fixed with a facelift.

When To Think About Other Procedures?

According to Dr. Torgerson (a Rhinoplasty Toronto and facelift surgeon), Facelift surgery does not boost or introduce a massive proportion of the volume on the upper section of the face. This is where extra techniques come in.

  1. Blepharoplasty: Patients from Toronto that look smoothing to raise the top or bottom eyelid are popularly subjected to blepharoplasty or eyelid procedure. Blepharoplasty applicants frequently complain that they appear painfully exhausted because of bags under the eyes and sagging skin that obscures the top eyelid (sometimes to the degree that the patient’s vision interferes). Possibly this is the most common treatment combined with a facelift. 
  2. Chin Augmentation: Chin augmentation is used to incorporate volume and definition to the chin. This impacts the profile experience of the patient tremendously. Curiously, many patients do not like to get a neck lift, but sometimes a chin implant is the right option as it extends the jawline and provides more pleasant proportions.
  3. Brow Lift: This procedure offers a slight elevation to soften a hard or messy brow. Patients of a brow normally have deep lines around the forehead. A sagging brow will often start to mess with the upper eyelids as well.