Fast Weight Loss With Meal Replacement Smoothies

Most people fail at their diets simply because they are not eating the correct nutrients. They start off great but soon after they find themselves getting massive cravings and end up binging. Maybe if they are lucky they get a few good months in before they throw in the towel. Getting the right nutrients without all the calories can be tricky at best. However, meal replacement smoothie’s or shakes are an excellent way to fill the body with nutrients, keep the calories low, and cleanse the system while allowing you to shed pounds quickly.

In order for a meal replacement smoothie to work, that is to do its job by eliminating cravings and helping you shed weight permanently rather than just for a month or so, it must have several key components. It must fill you up, it must supply you with the correct assortment of nutrients, and most importantly, those nutrients must be easily assimilated.

First, filling you up requires that you ingest a good mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Do not be swayed by the word CARBOHYDRATE, as each and every vegetable and fruit is largely composed of carbohydrates and as far as we know, there has never been a documented case of obesity caused by eating fruits and vegetables.

Second, the correct assortment of nutrients is best provided by whole foods, and in order to save time, get high quality nutrients, and still have the smoothie taste great, the use of a green powder is a wonderful short cut. Make sure the green powder is composed of whole foods and provides a complete assortment of vitamins and minerals. It is very important to choose a well made green powder as that is the only way to combat cravings. A well made green powder provides the last component in a good meal replacement smoothie; easily to assimilate nutrients, or nutrients that will absorb into your bloodstream.

Usually a good smoothie consists of some kind of fresh fruit, a good quality protein powder, possibly an avocado for healthy fat (also helps to create the smooth texture) and some mixed greens, like spinach. Combine all of these in a blender with some filtered water and or some fresh juice. It is very important to test out what works for you and what type of fruits and greens you enjoy. The more you enjoy the smoothie, the easier it is to stick with it and a good shake will keep you satisfied, giving you plenty of energy.

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