Fitness babe El Mint makes protein Flake McDonald’s McFlurry

For those keeping an eye on what they eat, some tasty snacks may be left off of their menu – fast food being one of them.

But for fitness babe El Mint, she has whipped up her own version of the iconic McFlurry for those who are conscious about ruining their progress in the gym.

The McDonald’s popular Flake ice cream, it comes in at 349 calories, 14 grams of fat and 45 grams of sugar.

But wanting to treat herself to the dessert without affecting her weight loss journey, El decided to make a protein version of the creamy snack.

The babe purchased a Diet Coke from McDonald’s and asked for an empty cardboard McFlurry cup in order to make her version look similar.

That looks good!

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 1.1 million views, El showcased her creation that overflowed with flake and chocolate sauce.

She wrote: “If you’re trying to lose weight but LOVE McDonald’s like me, this high protein flake ‘McFlurry’ is perfect for you!

“With only 303 calories and 36 grams of protein you need to try this. Thank me later.”

El used a high amount of protein in the ice cream in order to stay on track with the effort she is making in the gym.

She revealed that all you need to make the protein ‘McFlurry’ is oat milk, ice cubes, zero calorie and zero sugar vanilla flavouring and scoops of protein powder.

woman in green bra and shorts and pink shirt
El has shared the protein version of the McDonald’s classic

El mixed this together in a blender until it was thick so she could place in the McFlurry cup.

The gym bunny then squirted some chocolate sauce on top and sprinkled some crushed up pieces of a Flake to finish the sweet treat.

Amazed at El’s protein version of the McFlurry, many people fled to the comments to praise the fitness enthusiast.

One person commented: “Need this recipe.”

Another user added: “Yummmm.”

Whilst a third voiced: “WHAT I WANT.”

Someone else praised: “Looks absolutely delicious.”

And, a fifth person declared: “Yeah but an actual McFlurry is at worst only 350 cals and probably more enjoyable so why not just have one as a treat.”

El replied: “I often have them as treats!! But this you could have whenever whilst meeting your protein goals, it’s just an idea to make weight loss more fun!”

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