For Your Teeth Only – Healthy Snacks

Whenever we hear the word “snacks“, we somehow always associate the term with bad teeth. But not all snacks are detrimental to our teeth. Some varieties of snacks may even bear profound effects on our health. For one, it’s not the snacks themselves that damage of tooth-it’s the stuff that a snack is made of, and more importantly, how we consume these snacks that ultimately tell if they are bad for our teeth.

There are treats and there are “sugary” treats. Yes, sugar is the suspect behind 80% of tooth decay and cavity cases. But what can a seemingly harmless substance do to our teeth? Of course, sugar, in its tolerable form, is harmless, yet people have this urge, tendency or “sweet tooth” to relentlessly munch on sugary snacks such as candy bars, ice cream and candies. Sugar is not only limited to foods though-juices are also a rich source of sugar.

Sugar, when combined with saliva and bacteria in the mouth, produces plaque, which can either turn into tooth decay and cavities. Brushing alone won’t help in eliminating all the bacteria latched on our teeth, so we need to cut down on sugary foods to stop bacteria build-up from catalyzing.

By limiting our intake of sugary sweets, the lower our chances of tooth plaque. Kids, in particular, should be warned and enforced by their parents to stop wolfing down on candies and drinks that are rich in sugar. Storing sweets in reachable jars and containers inside the house is not a good suggestion, according to experts, because it gives the children the impression that sugary foods are readily accessible. Infatuating children with non-sugary, but similarly sweet snacks and beverages will ultimately develop your kids’ desire to regularly munch on sweets.

If children cannot be easily persuaded to cut down their sugary habits, take them to the dentist or show them pictures of people suffering from tooth decay and plaque to give them a concrete visualization on what real life scenarios look like.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to sugary foods and beverages. “Smart snacks,” as most parents and nutritionists call these treats, are getting more recognition and approval because instead of they are loaded with vitamins and nutrients but retain the same delicious taste sugary foods have. Though most people prefer “sinful treats” than “healthy treats,” it’s good to know that these foods are getting more accessible and cheaper as time goes by. These days, supermarkets and grocery stores are being very picky with what they put on their display shelves. The healthy revolution is long past the starting line.

If you’re planning on shifting to a healthy diet, try to write down assess your eating habits on a sheet of paper or plan a week’s meal in advance to avoid impulse buying of unhealthy foods. Pair that with a good oral hygiene and you’re ready to engage in an all-out healthy lifestyle.