Function of Dentistry

Dentistry deals with various health troubles linked to the mouth, teeth and gums. Dental care and correction also comes in its purview. Dentistry comprises of cosmetology too, where remedial cure is concerned. Apart from functions such as regular removal of teeth, dentures, filling, fitting, surgery of mouth, replacing extracted teeth and cleaning a patient’s mouth and teeth, their line of work includes straightening teeth.

Generally, an oral surgeon carries out troubles related to jaw or any persistent oral process. A notable part of a dentist’s job involves informing patients about various methods to preserve their teeth. Therefore, most of the dentists, whom you consult, will try to improve the problems with various processes. It is also important to consult a reputed dentist as he or she will be able to figure out the exact cause of the problem and provide treatment according to it.

If you want to take up dentistry as your career, then you need to complete an essential degree course in dental science, which is known as Bachelor of Dental Science. You need to pass the higher secondary examination with the subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. You can pursue the graduate course through a national level competitive examination. Merit is the major criteria for allocation of institutions.

You need to keep in mind that the duration of this course is for 4 years. Once you complete the course, you have to do a year of rotating internship. In the first two years, you need to study subjects such as basic anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and microbiology biochemistry. You will get specialization and practical training in the final 2 semesters. Specialization comprises of Oral surgery, Orthodontics and Oral pathology

For doing, the job of dentistry, you need to keep yourself updated with growth and proficiency required in this field. The other essential things required for the job of dentistry are tremendous memory power, enormous patience and ability to empathize with the patients.

There are various jobs prospects in the field of dentistry. Generally, people begin their career as an assistant to a well-known and skillful practitioner. If you have enough skill, you can start private practice by initially renting a shop and then go on set up a hospital. You just need to have initial investment and patience, because patient may not start pouring immediately in your hospital. It is also very important to provide proper treatment for the patients as it will gradually improve your popularity. Once you become a reputed dentist, you can gradually improve your settings.