Genital Psoriasis Treatment and Management

Genital psoriasis can emerge on the scrotum and the penis in men, and the labia in women.

Genital psoriasis is typically not flakey or scaly, but itchy and red.

Genital psoriasis treatment may comprise of moderately potent topical steroid hormones, but steroid hormones sooner or later will result in the skin to start thinning. Genital skin is thin; thus, it might be best to use non-steroidal creams for your genital psoriasis treatment, including Elidel, Protopic, and Dovonex. Another genital psoriasis treatment, which is known to work very well, is UVB phototherapy.

Using an emollient preceding sex can help to comfort the skin encircling the genitals, and to ease the itchiness for both – women and men.

Women and men using psoriasis lotions on their genitalia should cleanse the medicine off former to sexual contact; psoriasis medicines may negatively affect your sex partner, if these creams get inside the urethra or inside vagina.

Penile psoriasis is generally the most painful and uncomfortable genital psoriasis location.

The friction that your penis naturally experiences at the time of sex may cause discomfort, pain, and also to further aggravate the state of your penile psoriasis.

How Can You Go About Sex, Masturbation and Penile Psoriasis?

One of the helpful things is wearing a condom during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, the condom will also help you with masturbating, making you feel more comfortable.

Try applying a lubricant or an emollient former applying the condom on your penis. Condom will keep your skin lubricated, stop your skin from becoming further inflamed, resulting in making sex or masturbating less painful for you.

Note: most condoms may get damaged by oily substances, such as baby oil, making the condom unreliable and unsafe. Nonetheless, many companies produce special condoms, claimed to be very safe with their use together with any oil-based substance. For example, Durex condom called Avanti may be one of your choices.

If, for whatever reason, you do not use condoms, applying an emollient or lubricant prior sexual intercourse or masturbation will also make your skin feel more comfortable, both, for women and men.