Holistic Dentistry – What is It?

Holistic Dentistry is the practice of looking at the whole body when providing dental treatment. It avoids looking only at treating the “disease” or the symptoms of disease. What is the source of the problem? is a good question to ask and a great place to start when dealing with dental issues.

Some of the common facets of Holistic Dentistry involve looking at:

– The source of gum disease

– Overall Body Health and how the mouth and dental care are interrelated

– Proper Bite

– Nutrition

– Choice of dental materials

Many but not all Holistic Dentists believe some of the following. Talk with your specific dentist about your own treatment and whether their office practices fit with your desires for treatment.

Gum disease is a large problem seen in dental offices. A Holistic approach to gum disease involves looking at the cause of the gum disease and trying to attack that cause instead of just the symptoms.

Nutrition is a great place to begin with treatment. It affects all aspects of a person’s health. Improving nutrition will also improve dental health.

A holistic dentist is also looking to help improve the health of the entire person. Many biological or natural dentists believe that the overall health of a person can begin with dental health.

A proper bite and alignment of teeth can help with pain reduction if there are TMJ issues or other jaw related pain. Some dentists also believe it can help improve overall body performance, such as balance and posture. This concept is part of the body alignment. If the jaw and bite are “off” then that can affect the spine and cascade down into the rest of the body.

Much of the conversation around holistic dentistry is about the choice of dental materials. Some people believe that removing mercury filings from your teeth can improve your health. Whether you believe this or not, many Holistic dentists are willing to remove mercury filings and replace them with a less toxic substance. In addition natural dentists will help you choose dental materials that may be more compatible with your body.