How coronavirus has affected the fitness lifestyle

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire planet, and sport is one of the most affected areas because it will be a long time before it can resume its activity in normal parameters. The current situation regarding the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus has caused many small and medium-sized companies to suspend their activity for an indefinite period. Fitness rooms are among the most affected by this situation, being forced to close to stop the spread of the virus, for the safety and health of customers and employees. According to a review site, most people are sad because of the closed gyms. They think it is hard to start a fitness ritual at home.

The question is: how can gyms withstand this period?

Gyms should provide daily exercises on the Facebook page that clients can do from home, related tips. Personal trainers in the gyms can keep in touch with the clients they train through Skype online video calls, they can do the online training with them from home, they can send them food plans.

Gyms can make Facebook groups in which to add all the clients of the gym, where to send them materials, videos, images with exercises that they can do from home. If a community is created through a Facebook group, the gym can motivate people to do sports at home, and customers can motivate each other by posting in that group videos in which they train, healthy meal recipes.

Pandemic fitness – dangers

The chances of new coronavirus infections at the gym are slim, according to a study by academics at Sheffield Hallam University. Gyms should be kept open because they have an extremely low risk of coronavirus infection. That’s what academics at Sheffield Hallam University say in a study that began in September.

Of the 62 million visits to the gym in 14 European countries, only 487 resulted in infections. The equivalent of fewer than 0.8 cases per hundred thousand visits to the gym.

On the other hand, a coronavirus outbreak was recently discovered at a fitness room in southern Ontario, which drew attention to the dangers you are exposed to when going to such a place for training. It seems that gyms can easily become outbreaks of coronavirus. This is also the case of a fitness room in Ontario, Canada, where no less than 69 cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection were discovered, writes Global News. The high-impact activity also leads to harder breathing, which means that the drops are expelled from people’s mouths at an accelerated speed and are propelled over additional distances.

Dr. Andrew Morris, a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, compares this process to throwing a ball. The harder you throw, the further you go.

Fitness at home

If your gym has closed or you can’t go to it, there is always another option. You can do fitness at home and buy equipment by consulting, of course, fitness equipment companies reviews.

Do you think that you will no longer have a sedentary life, start exercising and do sports at home, it seems to you the best option. You have to warm your muscles well otherwise you risk getting injured. And warm-up involves cardio-type exercises, meaning you can run, climb stairs at a brisk pace, ride a bike, jump rope. If all this seems too complicated because you have to leave the house, you can try a 4-minute heating program for which you do not even have to leave the living room.

Outdoor fitness

Several gyms have thought of moving their activity outside to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Such a room is and Undersun Fitness specializing in outdoor fitness. It is a company that offers its customers a new way of looking at fitness. In this way, clean and fresh air, flexibility, freedom, and good mood are ensured. So, if you don’t have enough space to train at home, you can try outdoor fitness.


To be in great shape you don’t have to go to the gym. With the help of fitness and gymnastics exercises that you can do at home or outdoors, you will be able to lose weight and strengthen your muscles. Another advantage is that these home fitness exercises cost nothing. A gym membership can be expensive, so if you do fitness exercises at home you will save not only time but also money.