How to Cure Shy Bladder Syndrome – Paruresis

Shy bladder syndrome can really put a damper on a great day. There is nothing quite like really needing to relieve your bladder only to find out that you are unable to do so because your bladder has suddenly decided to go all bashful on you. This type of shyness is nothing new but can be a real hardship to the kidneys.

What it the Underlying Fear?

While no one really knows what causes shy bladder syndrome, it is widely agreed that it is a rather inconvenient syndrome to have when there are no private restrooms available. Common believes or theories indicate that it may be caused due to anxiety. What it is, is an inability to urinate whenever anyone may see or hear it happening. This leads to a fear of public restrooms and, in extreme cases, can cause the sufferer to plan his or her schedule so that he or she rarely, if ever, will be placed in the position of needing a public restroom.

Treating Shy Bladder Syndrome

If you don’t want to develop kidney problems you need to get this particular syndrome under control quickly. This is one reason that hypnotherapy is commonly recommended as a treatment for this particular illness. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from bashful bladder also have anxiety in regards to their condition. This leads to an escalation of the problem in many instances and a greater loss of control. The key to winning the war with bashful bladder is to regain control and let your body know that your mind is ultimately in charge.

Hypnotherapy for Paruresis

Shy bladder help is always at hand when you put the power of your mind to work for you in coming up with solutions for your shy bladder syndrome problem. Using hypnotherapy in conjunction with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming treatment) can be a highly effective course of action.

First, NLP is used to program or train your mind not to get bogged down in worry over what others around you may see or hear. You must adjust your thoughts first, in order to truly overcome the problem and work through it. This isn’t an issue where you need to go through heavy psychological analysis only where you need to be willing to bend the mind to your will in order to overcome the the control the mind’s existing fears are exerting over your bladder.

You can combine this form of treatment with self hypnosis to overcome anxiety for even greater results and a farther reaching impact over your body, health, and mental well being. You will want a gentle program to help you work through this sensitive issue without causing an even greater issue of bashful bladder from taking hold. Are you ready to make the move and get shy bladder help to cure your shy bladder syndrome once and for all? Make your move today and see brighter days, when you aren’t afraid to venture into the great big world beyond, ahead.