How to get your rights as a father?

Although it is not a topic that is often talked about, many men have had to face difficult legal proceedings in order to get their parental rights. Google searches for the phrase “legal DNA testing near me more often than many people realize. Although these men may have experienced difficult times with their partners, such situations have not stopped them from wanting to fulfill their role as fathers. In fact, some of these men have held celebrations such as a gender reveal party after getting the results of a home gender test. There is nothing more important in the lives of these responsible men than making sure their children have a decent life and don’t have to go through unpleasant times. The problem is that to achieve this, they must go through a judicial process.

When is the intervention of a judge required?

The intervention of a judge is not required if the couple is able to agree. For example, if the woman recognizes that the man is the father of her baby, they only have to go to a public registry so that the man can gain his rights as the father. When the couple cannot reach an agreement because one of the parties does not want to, the intervention of a judge becomes necessary. The judge’s role, in this case, is to make the best possible decision for the benefit of the couple’s baby. This is usually done in two ways. If the mother cannot take care of her baby, the father can get full custody of the baby. If the mother is able to care for the baby without problems, the father gains the ability to visit his baby besides the commitment to provide child support.

What is a legal test for in such cases?

If a man claims he is the father of a child, but the woman says he is not, the judge needs the intervention of a third person to bring the truth to light. In this case, a laboratory is requested to perform a paternity test to establish whether or not the man is the father of the child. If the result is negative, the judge will determine that the man has no duty to provide child support or right to the child. If the result is positive, the next step is for the judge to define the duties and rights of each parent and the visitation times, if necessary. This whole process would not be possible without a legal test.