How to Treat Yeast Infection of the Skin – Stop the Itch!

A great multitude of people automatically assume that a yeast infection has to do with the vaginal area in a female, or some other situation. However, a yeast infection can occur in almost every part of the body: the mouth, the genitals, the digestive tract, and the area of our concern today, the skin. In this article, you will be shown the causes of a yeast rash (a yeast infection of the skin), and how to treat yeast infection of this kind.

A yeast rash is caused by an inordinate buildup of yeast on the skin. These kinds of infections usually occur in areas of the body that are subject to excessive moisture, such as the armpits, the breasts, the area between the toes, the groin, and the backs of the knees.

As the moisture builds upon itself in these areas, yeast collects and begins to grow. While these can happen all over the body, it mostly affects the skin in the aforementioned moist areas. The result of this buildup is a yeast rash.

Every rash you may contract is not necessarily a yeast rash. There are ways to distinguish a yeast rash from a generic one. For instance, while a rash is usually discolored to a red or purple tint, yeast rashes tend to be lighter and pink. Additionally, these rashes raise your skin to form a bump of some sort; it is not flat like a typical rash. If you obtain these symptoms, it is likely that you have contracted a yeast rash; however, it is very easy to ease the discomfort caused by these symptoms, and to cure the yeast rash.

You should initially head out to your local grocery store or pharmacy. Usually there will be an aisle advertising creams and medications for a yeast rash. You should look for creams that say anti-fungal or anti-yeast on them. In addition to this, creams with a component named Clotrimazole are preferable to those without it. The main brand used for clearing up yeast rashes is called Lotrimin. If you are experiencing symptoms of pain or itchiness, you should additionally entrust in a cream called corticosteroid.

Petroleum jelly acts as a catalyst to anti-yeast medications. It helps speed up the process of healing caused by the cream. It should be applied on top of the medication to help facilitate this operation towards healing.

If an area affected by yeast rash remains moist, then it will cause the symptoms to worsen rapidly. You should take all precautions necessary to keep the region dry. This is absolutely essential when dealing with the diaper rash of an infant. There are creams and medications that are especially made to help with the occurrence of diaper rash.

If the continuation in using these remedies fails to help with your symptoms, seek the aid of a doctor or other medical professional. Prescribed medications exist that can further assist you in your quest for health and redemption from the rash.

This article has reviewed how to treat a yeast infection of the skin. Please remember that if your symptoms worsen or do not improve over time, that you should seek the attention of a medical professional. Keep moist areas dry, and hopefully you can afford one of these rashes from occurring on you.