How to Use the Natural Healing Power of Water

WATER – The cheapest cure for many diseases

There might after all be still a lot of secret things coming from Japan that we can learn. One of them is some eating and drinking habits. Drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach, has been a habit in this Far-Eastern country and seems to be working for them.

Scientific tests have proven that the cheapest liquid -water-can be used for treatment of the following diseases:

Asthma, bronchitis, headache, epilepsy, meningitis, TB , constipation and a whole lot more.

The water treatment method is as follows:

– First thing in the morning is to drink 4 glasses of water.

– After brushing your teeth, do not eat or drink anything for one hour.

– After one hour you may eat and drink normal.

– After the breakfast, do not eat or drink again for 2 hours

– If you find it hard to drink 4 glasses at the start, you might want to start slowly at first and then increase it gradually.

These tests even claim to cure HBP and diabetes in 30 days, gastric in 10 days, TB in 90 days and even cancer in 180 days. For diabetic people, the treatment should be followed for only 3 days of the first week and then daily from the second week onwards.

Aside from fairly regular urinating urges, this treatment has no side affects. There is nothing to lose —just everything to gain. All it needs is a little discipline. Water lovers should really get a kick out of this. So why not make this Natural, cheap, all-round substance a part of your life. I know that you, like most people, would rather use natural remedies instead of prescribed or genetic medicines, so why don’t you take a glance at these NATURAL REMEDIES