“I Drink 4 Shakes A Day” Out Of 6 Meals

Meal Four

Meal four starts to really get interesting. That’s because it is his first non-blended meal of the day. While he does not detail the exact meal – it seems to be somewhat fluid so long as he hits his proper macros.

Labrada makes sure to eat 100 grams of carbs and 50 grams of protein for this meal specifically.

Meal Five

Meal five also sticks with the solid track – and usually includes 300 grams of rice and 200 grams of chicken. While this meal is considered a solid by Labrada, he does still throw the chicken into a blender. Strongman fans may recall that this is similar to Blaine Sumner’s epic chicken shakes as seen in Strength Wars: The Movie.

Interestingly enough, Labrada even breaks down his rice into specifically planned bites. He ensures that he can eat the rice into eight individual bites so that it doesn’t take too long to consume.

Meal Six

The final meal of the day goes back to full-on liquid. In fact, he brings the entire day into full circle by once again blending two Bobo’s Oat Bars with two scoops of hydrolyzed isolate. It creates a perfect circle to cap off his day – and then the entire thing starts over again in the morning.

Wrap Up

Many reading this article and perhaps watching this video might find this entire meal plan extremely unappealing. It’s clear that Hunter Labrada is taking the fun out eating and simply making the food as easy to digest as possible. While not typical for most competitors – Labrada does note that his friend and fellow competitor Brett Wilkins also eats a similar liquid-first diet.

Jay Cutler once famously said, “I don’t eat for taste, I eat for function.” That seems to be on full display here in Hunter Labrada’s diet. We’ll see if the plan helps him. build enough muscle – and bring in enough conditioning – to be a true threat on the 2022 Mr. Olympia stage.

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