Invisalign and Its Use in Cosmetic Dentistry

In the world of cosmetic dentistry people are always bombarded with new options and ideas in order to improve the appearance of their smile, some products may be just right in order to make things happen and others may not be a perfect fit. When it comes to braces there are several options a patient is given, one is the use of metallic braces and a second option is the use of transparent plastic braces, these are referred to as Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners are plastic trays which are similar to those used for teeth bleaching, these aligners were designed in order to change the position our teeth are in by applying a certain amount of pressure. Each aligner should be worn for about two weeks in order to give it the time necessary to move a patient’s teeth into the right position.

The length of the treatment varies from person to person, it all depends on how much your teeth need to be moved however, the average procedure and treatment time is of about one year, in some cases the treatment may exceed the estimated period of time according to the cooperation of the patient in other words if the dentist recommends that such plastic braces should be worn for about 22 hours everyday and the patient wears them for 15 hours on a daily basis, the entire treatment will be extended for several months in addition to what it originally was estimated.

Just like metallic braces, Invisalign braces apply pressure on a certain teeth every time a new set of aligners is used, this is done in order to reshape the way our teeth are arranged, every time a new set of aligners is put in place the patient may feel a slight pressure, but this is mainly because the plastic aligner is on a different position than the tooth it is correcting, after a patient has worn the aligners for at least two weeks he/she will no longer feel that much pressure which means that the aligner has done its work pushing the teeth towards the right direction.

This technology is actually not new in fact, it has been around for decades, the reason he wasn’t mass-produced is because such product needed to be manufactured by hand and the cost of labor was just too high, taking in consideration for price for such work the production of plastic aligners came to a halt and it wasn’t until recent years that thanks to technology the production of such intricate aligners became more convenient and affordable to most people.

Today, these devices are used by people who don’t like the appearance of metal braces but want to achieve the exact same results as if they where using metal braces, because most people are unable to tell if someone is wearing Invisalign braces the product is very convenient for people of all ages.