Man arrested for driving unconscious toddler to distant hospital

A 3-year-old girl died at a Queens hospital, a man was arrested after taking three hours to get her there and she was diagnosed with COVID-19 post-mortem — a day after she attended daycare and a sleepover, according to police sources and her family.

The circumstances surrounding Jaylynn Evans’s death and subsequent diagnosis led Administration for Children’s Services workers to the family’s Brooklyn home in protective suits and has touched off concerns about who may have been exposed to the virus.

Jaylynn’s great-grandfather Winston Ramsey told The Post he picked her up from Jump Start Day Care in Brownsville on Wednesday and she didn’t appear sick, and later spent the night at a friend’s house for a sleepover.

The next day, her friend’s grandfather, Anthony Richardson, 59, came over to visit and suggested bringing the girls to the Bronx for a meal at his home, Ramsey explained.

“My little granddaughter say, ‘I want to go, can I go mommy?’ She asked to go with the guy, the guy take her to the Bronx.”

Police sources said Richardson told cops Jaylynn and her friend were on the couch eating snacks and watching TV when the toddler suddenly passed out.

Richardson was spotted on surveillance video leaving the apartment with Jaylynn seemingly unconscious in his arms around 2 p.m. and then drove to Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Glen Oaks, Queens — about 30 minutes away — telling cops he believed it was best-suited to treat her.

Jaylynn was unconscious when she finally got there around 5 p.m. and was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later, police sources said. There was no obvious trauma to her body and she tested positive for COVID-19 after she passed, sources said.

“[The mother] spoke to the little girl that [Jaylynn played with]. She said they were sleeping. The grandfather woke them up and was getting ready to feed them and as they go to him, Jaylynn collapsed,” Ramsey said.

“If you have a little girl and she pass out, you need to call the ambulance. You don’t call the ambulance and you take the little girl from the Bronx and take her all the way to Queens. There are so many hospitals in the Bronx. Why you have to drive all the way to Queens? It doesn’t make any sense,” the heartbroken granddad railed.

“He has this little girl under his care and she pass out, you call the ambulance. You don’t take her out, put her in a car and drive to Queens. You got to stop at lights, ambulance don’t stop at no lights.”

Richardson has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child for the delay in getting her medical care and is currently hospitalized for unknown reasons, police said.

He has lawyered up and has not explained why it took three hours from leaving his house to finally get the dying girl to a hospital.

Ramsey said the kid had seen her doctor about a month ago and everything was fine — he’s waiting for her autopsy results to figure out how exactly she died and if it was COVID-19-related. He believes she caught the virus while at daycare.

Jumpstart Daycare
Jumpstart DaycareDan Herrick

“I’m just saying to myself, I wonder if he did something to the child and he don’t want anyone to know. If he called the ambulance, maybe they would have found it right there,” Ramsey said of Richardson.

He described the little girl as “happy” and said she enjoyed spending time with him and eating fruit.

“Every morning she knock on my door, run to me every evening. She was a happy little girl, she wasn’t sick or nothing. Wednesday morning I saw her and she said grandpa, I’m having tea. Mommy gave me tea. Then she got her mommy’s phone and said grandpa look at mommy, look at mommy boyfriend,” Ramsey recalled.

“She loved to dance. She loved fruits. When she come from school, first thing, ‘grandpa you got any grapes, apples?’ There is nothing to say. I miss her.”

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