Meningitis Treatment Traditional Medicine Vs Alternative Ideas!

Today I’m going to share some of the most common meningitis treatment, as well as a few alternative medicines that can also help. I’m going to start off with a controversial question, which is more important the brain or the heart? No matter which one you choose the human body realizes the brain is important and apart from the skull and the fluid that protect this organ there is a membrane or meninges. If this membrane becomes swollen it is known as meningitis. Most of the time a virus or bacteria infects the area, and this causes the inflammation.

Since the brain is such an important organ the real danger is permanent damage. The good news is that it’s rare that it happens, but it’s still a large threat, which is why getting good treatment is such a good idea. The type of treatment that is used really depends on what causes the disease. For example if it is bacteria that is causing the inflammation then oftentimes antibiotics are often used. The disadvantage to using antibiotics is that they can be expensive, the can give off some unwanted effects, kill the healthy bacteria in your digestive system, as well as enable bacteria to build up a resistance to it.

Another idea would be to use herbal remedies that can kill off unwanted bacteria. There are a ton of herbs that can do this, but a few good choices would be olive leaf extract, garlic, goldenseal and echinacea. There is even another type of echinacea that is even more powerful called andrographis. Also, if you do take antibiotics it might be a good idea to consider probiotics or something called prebiotics to help grow the helpful bacteria in the intestinal tract.

The next culprit that could cause meningitis is a viral infection. Viruses differ from bacteria because they are not really alive. They are just a tiny amount of DNA with some protection and need a cell to infect. Once they infect a cell they turn it into a factory and start to reproduce. If you see doctor for a viral infection that is causing the inflammation of the brain they might prescribe rest, drinking lots of fluids and medicine for the pain. Apart from this there are a few things you can do to boost up your white blood cells and strengthen your immune system. One idea would be eluthero, which can slow the growth of viruses. According to Wikipedia a study showed that taking eluthero, which is Siberian ginseng can increase the number of white blood cells and T cells to kill off viral infections.

To sum everything up the leading meningitis treatment involving natural approaches include antibiotics, rest and drinking lots of fluids. Alternative medicine that can be used for bacteria include olive leaf extract, goldenseal, echinacea and angrophas. When it comes to a viral infection something called eluthero or Siberian ginseng can be used to help eliminate the infection.