National School Lunches Week promotes healthy options for students

a bunch of different types of food: NSLW was created to promote healthy options for school lunches.

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NSLW was created to promote healthy options for school lunches.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -Lights, camera, food! This year’s theme for National School Lunches Week is movie themed. The National School Lunch Program serves over 30 million students nationwide.

“We feel that national school lunch week is a great way to put an extra spotlight on some of the great things that we’re doing here in Alachua County,” said ACPS marketing and promotions specialist Caron Rowe. “Showing parents and students that school meals have definitely changed. Our focus is really encouraging people to take a fresh look at the school lunch program.”

The movie theme intends to put a spotlight on healthy food options by presenting them in a movie theme kids enjoy.

School Lunches Week was created in 1962 by President John F Kennedy to help promote healthier options for students in school. In Alachua County, you can expect those healthy options every single day.

We are very proud of our farm to school program. We work with local farmers in many different aspects,” said Rowe. “We get a lot of our salad fixings from local farmers to be able to have fresh, often organic produce for our students to choose from.”

The pandemic has made every aspect of going back to school challenging, including school lunches. The Alachua County School District is being recognized by United Produce for their healthy school menus.

“We are one of three districts nationwide that they chose to talk about what we’re doing here in our district,” said Rowe. “That even though there’s a pandemic going on, that doesn’t mean that we have to change the focus of our school meals.”

Marion County is also participating in School Lunches Week by providing students with some of their favorite meals such as chicken and waffles and Big Daddy’s pizza.

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