New health insurance marketplace to replace for Pennsylvanians looking for coverage in 2021 | Pennsylvania News

HARRISBURG, Pa. – When it comes to shopping around for health insurance, Pennsylvania residents won’t be able to use in 2021.

“The Commonwealth is transitioning away from the way in which Pennsylvanians have accessed coverage in past years through to a new state-based program, state platform for accessing affordable, high-quality individual market coverage and financial assistance to pay for it,” said Zach Sherman, Pennie’s Executive Director.

The bipartisan effort came with the passing of Act 42 of 2019. serves over 30 states and rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Pennie will be one program operated by Pennsylvanians for Pennsylvanians.

“Our intent here is to operate Pennie at a much lower cost than and that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to use those savings to invest in an affordability program,” said Sherman.

Sherman says premiums will lower by an average of 5% and that the current Supreme Court battle over the Affordable Care Act has no effect on this change or coverage.

“It’s something to pay attention to but I think consumers really should not be deterred and be ensured that they’re doing what’s best for them which is ensuring that they have access to affordable coverage and healthcare when they need it,” said Sherman.

Unlike, Pennie will be extending the open enrollment period. The website launches on Nov. 1 with enrollment through January 15.

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