Pet Peeves of Dentists

Dentists are trained oral health practitioners. They have dedicated years of their lives to their education in order to take excellent care of their patients. Who knows where we’d all be without them? A dental practitioner must attend four years of undergraduate schooling before even applying to graduate school. He or she must study mathematics, physiology, chemistry, and anatomy, and receive stellar grades before even being considered a candidate for dental college.

After being admitted, he or she must complete years of academic training as well as hands-on training under the guidance of experienced mentors. When he or she finally receives the DDS to place behind his or her name, hard work has been accomplished. After setting up practice, there are a few things that bug this professional.

Here are some pet peeves of dentists:

Not considered a “real doctor”: These practitioners are very well trained, hyper-intelligent with expertise that is crucial to their patients’ well being. They are, in fact, real doctors. The DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. They are experts in how the human body works, especially in the oral region.

Dentistry is seen as a luxury: Many people think that this arena of health care is a luxury that is only performed in the case of an extreme toothache or if someone has extra cash on hand. Wrong! If a person doesn’t have routine preventative maintenance performed, it can be life threatening. Many bodily ills are attributed to untended tooth decay and gum disease. Clogged arteries, premature birth, heart disease, chronic infections, diabetes complications and more are directly linked to dental woes.

Tardy patients: A well-run medical practice of any type depends on punctuality of all concerned. Every person that shows up fifteen minutes late for his or her appointment contributes to a domino affect of tardiness. This causes stress for the dentist, hygienists, assistants, x-ray techs, receptionist, office staff and all the other patients. Punctuality is a sign of respect.

Patients that don’t pay their bills: If an individual goes in to have a cavity filled, their teeth cleaned, or an extraction done, they must pay their bill as soon as possible. The dentist has a home mortgage, groceries to buy and kids to clothe, just like everyone else. He or she probably also has student loans, upkeep on the office and paychecks for all of the workers in the office. He or she is well educated but not independently wealthy. If this professional were filthy rich, he or she would most likely be vacationing in the South of France, not leaning into your mouth providing health care.

No-shows: When an appointment slot is booked, that time is saved for the person who scheduled it. If a person fails to show up, this means twiddling of thumbs for all concerned. This is extremely inconsiderate. Freak emergencies are forgivable but just blowing off appointments because something better has come up is downright rude. In many cases, the patient will be billed a last minute cancellation or no-show fee as a result.

Dentists are valuable professionals. They deserve respect and kudos. Next time you schedule your appointment, keep these points in mind as they might determine the treatment you receive as well.