Pilates Fitness: 5 Ways To Improve Support for the Side Leg Series in Pilates Matwork

One of the primary challenges with the Pilates Matwork Side Leg Series workout can be trying to keep one’s body still. The many different Pilates Mat exercises which lead up to this point (with your back on the mat) will help you prepare to lay on your side and still be capable of holding things together! Discover five ways to improve support and improve exercise technique for the Side Leg Series in Pilates Matwork.

The Pilates Side Leg Series Exercises Have Lots of Great Advantages; Take a Look at a Few:

• Greater Hip Strength

• Quad Flexibility

• Superior Hip Joint Mobility

• Heightened Body Awareness

• Advanced Core Stability

• Better Gait Mechanics

Here are 5 things to think about to help you hold your whole body still and enhance the free motion of your legs on the Side Leg hip and leg strengthening exercises in this series:

1. Implement the Side Leg Series Exercises by Placing Your Entire Backside Against A Wall. Make an effort to maintain everything from your head to your hips against the wall while moving your leg for the following exercises: Kick Front & Back, Lift & Lower, Passe, Side Leg Lift Parallel, Little Circles, Bottom Leg Inner Thigh Lift, and Inner Thigh Circles.

2. Hold the Side of Your Abdominals that are Closest to the Floor the Strongest. If you are laying on your right side, the right side of your abs from the hip to ribs needs to stay firm, lifted up, back, and in, to hold the body still.

3. Use the Lower Trapezius for Shoulder Depression and Arm Support, if you happen to be positioned on your right side, the left shoulder is on top. Keep the shoulders stacked vertically, and actively pull the left shoulder down. (Really you can think about pulling BOTH shoulders down!) This will help keep the shoulders still, and provide a stable anchor so the hips and legs can lengthen away from center.

4. Sustain an Engaged Pelvic Floor, Particularly the Pubic Bone to Tailbone Connection. (Clam) Know that your “clam” stays still while swinging the leg. Your entire torso needs to be set up along the rear side edge of the mat (“clam too”) meaning a slight arch/neutral pelvis and lower back position. This will assist the pelvis still whilst swinging the leg. Particularly on Kick Front & Back and the Bicycle exercise, make certain they your tailbone isn’t swinging forward and back with your leg.

5. Keep Looking Straight Ahead. There’s an inclination to want to look at the legs move. If you are looking at your legs, it shifts your head, neck, and torso alignment out of a good tall posture position. Keep on looking straight ahead to keep a tall/long body position, and “sense” what is taking place within the body.

Here Are Two Methods To Challenge Stability & Core Control for the Side Leg Series:

1. Execute Side Leg Series While Squeezing the Magic Circle with Both Arms Above Your Head. Take care not to lock the elbows! With this position you MUST hold things together or you will fall over! There is an instant feedback should you lose core support.

2. Perform the Side Leg Series with Both Arms Elbows Bent–Hands Behind the Head. Keep looking straight ahead with the eyes, shoulder depression and the rest of the stabilization suggestions you practiced in tips 1-5. Make sure to you can see your top elbow out of the corner of your eye (and always keep the arm & elbow still while doing your leg exercises!) By keeping the arm and shoulders still, now everything is core control!

The Pilates Side Leg Series exercises are excellent for hip and leg strengthening, as well as improving hip mobility to improve your gait and keep you walking well! Enjoy the benefits of improved core support and whole-body conditioning while learning how to swing your legs freely from the hip while practicing the Side Leg Series exercises during your Pilates Mat workouts.