Prepare Shakes to Liquid Ingredients With a Protein Shaker Bottle

Easily prepare a wide variety of perfect-tasting protein shakes, cocktails, and juices to sauces or eggs with a nutrition shaker bottle.

A protein shaker bottle, with a 20 to 28-oz capacity, is able to prepare health drinks, meal replacements, pre-workouts and fruit juices into a light, smooth consistency due to its unique strainer, internal screen or wire ball to break-up those lumps or clumps of mix.

A sports-style bottle is designed to let the active person drink a smooth, just-prepared mix direct from the bottle, without a need to transfer to a glass or beaker – this can make an ideal choice for those at the gym, traveling on the go, or without access to a counter top blender.

A modern mixer cup comes equipped with an easy-to-drink spout, a generous opening for ease in tipping in powder shakes or ingredients, a snug – tight lid to ensure no leakage, and a narrow lower-section to sit with ease in most automobile cup holders.

Besides its ability to mix pre-workout shakes for a sports person, a shaker bottle of this nature is also perfect to double up as a convenient kitchen tool, with it mixing eggs for omelets to gravies or sauces – all to a light, smooth consistency.

If in search of a more powerful alternative to the hand-held shake cups, a countertop mixer, with its 7000 – 9000-RPM motor and large capacity, offer a perfect choice to blend nutrition, protein and energy powders, which finishes void of lumps, even in the toughest of ingredients.

Overall, a multi-functional shaker cup is the perfect piece of equipment for the bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast to home-chef to quickly and easily prepare a complete array of powder shakes and food ingredients in mere seconds.