Proper Thrush in Adults Treatments

Some proper thrush in adults treatment offerings include the utilization of homeopathic treatments. Chronic thrush can be controlled with the use of special medications that build up the body’s immunity to Candida symptoms over a period of time. The thrush remedies offered here can cure thrush conditions in one to seven day’s time:

  • Borax
  • Mercurius
  • Sulphur


Borax is recommended for the onset of cancer sores and for the white coating that appears on the tongue with the onset of thrush conditions. Borax can be taken at a potency of 30c every four hours. If after you have taken three doses of Borax and you do not notice a difference in your symptoms, you should try a different homeopathic treatment. Treatment effectiveness varies from one person to the next.


Mercurius is ideal for the thrush sufferer that has a white coating on his or her tongue and that has severe halitosis related to the yeast infection. You can take this medication one time at a potency of 200X. If you note no improvements, try a different remedy for your thrush condition. Treatment effectiveness will vary.


Sulphur is recommended for the sensations of burning in the mouth and for pain of the tongue associated with the thick white patch formations so common in thrush. You can take Sulphur at a potency of 200x one time. You can take lesser potencies more often too. You might choose a potency of 30c every four hours until your symptoms fade. This has been known to work very well indeed.