Prune Juice For Constipation – You Can Make It Taste Great!

Children often find the taste of prune juice displeasing and it puts them off drinking it. It is not advisable to give prune juice to children under the age of 4 months old either.

Many people suggest drinking 2 liters of alkalizing water and loads of fruit and vegetables or even herbal teas.

Let’s look at why prune juice for constipation is so prominent and why it is supposed to help.

First of all prunes are a mild stimulant. There is no demonstration that this will cause any problems to the colon. Prune juice contains dihydrophenylisatin and 6% dietary fiber which causes the movement of the bowel. It is advocated that everyone try to drink a glass before they go to bed and again when they wake up to start the day off with another glass

This is a yummy recipe for prune juice

To give this juice a go for constipation but would much sooner have a very nice drink we have provided a surprising recipe for a fruit drink that includes plums, pears and apples that may help get things going.

Take a big apple and get rid of the seeds. The malic acid in green apples will help to break down fatty tissues through the intestines, gallbladder and liver. They are also high in fiber which will help as well.

Take an ample pear and blend it without the seed and for extra fiber you can leave on the peel. Pears are a magnificent source of fiber and are brimming with minerals and vitamins which help to clear away the kidneys and colon. Pears also help regenerate blood cells.

Take half a cup of juice and add to the blender. Apart from the laxative effects of prunes they are high in iron and great for people who may suffer from anemia. Blend together and refrigerate. This will only last for around 12 hours so drink up and enjoy because prune juice for constipation never tasted so good.