Remedies For a Yeast Infection – Here Are Some of the Best Remedies

Are you in the process of searching for some beneficial remedies for a yeast infection? You have a variety of options available to you, but some of the best remedies are identified in herbal remedies. Check out some of the following remedies if you seek immediate relief:

  • Goldenrod
  • Hedera Helix
  • Sage Tea


Goldenrod is an herbal remedy that contains ester saponins that are capable of slowing the growth of Candida cells and destroying them. This herb also offers you anti-inflammatory agents so skin areas and mucous membranes that are irritated experience relief. Goldenrod can be consumed as a tea as an internal defense against Candida. You can use the cooled tea to gargle with in order to treat oral thrush, and it can also be used as a douche to treat vaginal infections.

Hedera Helix

Hedera Helix is derived from the ivy plant. This treatment can be consumed orally to deal with Candida infections and to treat infections of the skin, the mouth, and the genitals. You can brew .3 grams of Hedera Helix in 15 milliliters of water and consume the beverage one time per day as an excellent Candida remedy.

Sage Tea

Sage tea is an excellent treatment for yeast infections of the vagina. You can brew sage tea, allow it to cool, and use it as a douche one time a day until your symptoms subside. You can also put sage extract into bathwater or take a sitz bath with sage extract in order to experience vaginal yeast infection relief.