Scope of Clinical Research in Dentistry After Completion of BDS

The term “clinical research” includes the entire chain of tests /articles performed- right from a drug’s genesis until it is made available in the market in its life cycle. The norm in the pharmaceutical industry is to subject a promising drug or a molecule to pre-clinical/ animal studies in order to test it on diverse parameters including safety toxicity efficacy and suitability in age-related diseases. In the advanced countries, the entire chain of research is studied and analyzed for the drug approval.

In case, the drug needs approval from authorities, or they feel it may enhance the risks to the general population, or in order to fight the risks of unacceptability, pre-clinical studies or other supporting evidence, case studies of off-label use, etc. are necessary for the investigations by authorities.

Similarly, medical devices undergo an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application if it is deemed to carry a significant impact or risk. This has opened up the need for massive and continual clinical research that can be performed by medical professionals and especially dental professionals in emerging economies. Dental Diploma Courses are definitely a help in this field.

The Scope In Clinical Research Post BDS

This field is attracting great numbers in the country as the growing demand booms, driven by the MNC pharma needs. Today it analyzes the diverse risks, effects, and benefits of any would be drug or molecule in a specific scientific format. Pharmaceutical companies have mandatorily to undertake various Trials to check the various parameters at various stages of development before the drug is introduced. The research continues even post-launch as studies and experiments are necessary to monitor side-effects and safety issues during usage.

After completion of BDS, there is enormous scope in clinical research if you enroll in Diploma Courses After BDS or specific Short Term Dental Courses as the MNC offer impressive pay packages even at the initial stage. This is a sustainable career as the packages progressively grow with experience. Graduates with B.Sc. degree in dental surgery can enter this lucrative field that has multiple career opportunities. They can be employed as

a) Medical advisor

b) Clinical research physician

c) Drug developer

d) Principal Investigator

The clinical research today is built around an entire ecosystem including a complex network of sites, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutions pivoted around clinical research professionals. A burgeoning field of technologies is being employed used for analyzing managing the data that emerges for which research professionals are necessary.

Armed with Diploma Courses After BDS & Short Term Dental Courses and with specific Dental Clinical Courses, Dental Training Courses, many professionals are entering this field. Due to the prevalence of diverse diseases, clinical research has become imperative for the pharmaceutical industry.

The job profile is prestigious as it is often conducted at academic medical centers and affiliated research study sites. These extend the prestige of the academic institution while enabling larger metropolitan lifestyle areas, with attendant convenience and privileges.