The 8 Best Home Gym Floors Will Change The Way You Workout At Home

Building a home gym has become something of a national pastime over the past few years, what with us all spending a whole lot of time at home. One of the first things you notice is that working out on the surfaces you already have in your house (or apartment) pretty much sucks. Carpet is slippy, concrete is too tough on the body, hardwood is just plain uncomfortable. Besides the host of expensive actual gym equipment, an actual floor made to withstand your workouts is really one of the greatest assets of a gym we’ll be you overlooked pre-pandemic completely.

Here, we’ve rounded up eight of the best home gym flooring options to help you get started on building a space for fitness at home that assists in your performance, rather than gets in the way of it. There are a few details to keep in mind when choosing the right flooring for you. One, how much space you have. Outfitting an entire basement or garage gym requires something different than a small unused room in the house. Two, what kind of workouts you’re doing the most. Low impact workouts need less shock absorption than something like a HIIT workout, and HIIT needs less than if you’re olympic lifting. And three, the aesthetic you’re going for. As you’ll see, there are a few common looks of gym floors but you can still vary it within those big categories.

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