The Best Medicine Ball Exercises For All Levels Of Gym-Goer

Just like everything else, different types of gym equipment come in and out of fashion, but most of them never stop being effective tools for improving your fitness. We say most because some will never be particularly effective, no matter whether they’re in fashion or not – we’re looking at you, Shake Weight.

The medicine ball is a prime example of something that has been sat in gyms for more than a century, alternating between fame and obscurity. But throughout all of that time it has remained an equally useful bit of gym gear. For one, chucking a med ball around can result in stronger joints, especially the rather injury-prone shoulder joints. In a study of handball players, published in the Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research, adding six weeks of medicine ball throws alongside regular training enhanced isokinetic strength around the rotator cuff, as well as improved throwing velocity. The players in the study also benefited from improved bench-rep scores and upper-body hypertrophy when they included resistance training alongside their throws.