The Fit Club Brings Boutique Fitness Studio to Hoboken

Working out is always better with a buddy. That’s why The Fit Club in Hoboken blends an inclusive community approach with the benefits of an exclusive fitness club. The new boutique fitness studio is owned and operated by two experienced, local fitness instructors, Sabrina Sarabella and Larissa Stahl.

“The space is small and meant to be a safe space with a community feel; for anyone wanting to work out and feel comfortable doing it,” Sabrina says. In-studio, The Fit Club offers strength and circuit training, yoga, Pilates, barre, dance fitness, mobility, and TRX. “You won’t get lost like you do in a large group exercise class.”

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Many Ways to Keep Fit

The Fit Club also offers classes via livestream, which is actually how the business first started. Sabrina and Larissa offered virtual – and eventually, outdoor – fitness classes at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Current outdoor options, for instance, include circuit classes beneath the nearby 14th Street Viaduct.

The owners say their favorite class is the Blender, a class that starts with a yoga flow warm up. It then moves to a circuit-style class with weight and bands taught in a Tabata style; which is a form of HIIT, or high energy interval training. Finally, the Blender finishes with some Pilates core exercises and a gentle stretch.

This variety of formats allows clients to try different workouts, all in one location. “Our club is a place where you meet old friends for a workout and catch up; while meeting new friends,” Sabina says. Plans to expand The Fit Club include adding more class times and types of available classes. In addition, they plan to feature more local favorite Hoboken fitness instructors. (Every instructor at The Fit Club has a national certification.) Other ideas in the works include workshops, special events, and nutrition counseling.

The Fit Club Keeps Fitness Fun

The Fit Club believes that fitness should be a fun and healthy way to connect with others in the community. Their focus on small group training emphasizes that community feeling and allows instructors to tailor workouts to clients’ individual needs. “We love helping people enjoy exercise and feel like a part of something,” Larissa says. “I always say, ‘Exercise is fun, you guys!’ and we truly make The Fit Club a fun place you look forward to going to every day.”

Sabrina and Larissa Posing

Sabrina and Larissa have a combined 40 years of experience in the fitness industry. They are both certified personal trainers and group exercise instructors. In particular, Sabrina has her master’s degree in clinical nutrition; and has been doing fitness-related work in Hoboken for the past 20 years.

Visit The Fit Club Hoboken at 1301 Adams St C3 in Hoboken. Look for them online to learn more.

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Top Photo: © The Fit Club
All Other Photos: Kim Lorraine Photography (Used with permission)