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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my Blog, super excited to have you here today because we are making five slimming smoothie recipes.

These smoothie recipes are perfect for everyone reading this blog, there is something for everybody to choose from, and I know you guys are going to love them. So, last week I shared three of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes. I ran this cleanse about a month ago, we had over 2000 people-sign up, everybody loved it, and so we are doing another round next week.

I am using the smoothie recipes in this blog as part of the cleanse, so if you want to join us it’s a really fun community cleanse, it’s just five days long, we’re incorporating two smoothies into our day and one whole food based, like full meal recipe,and the food is amazing, you’re going to feel great, you’re nourishing your body with plant-based foods, tons of fruits and vegetables,and it tastes delicious. So, if you want to join us for the smoothie cleanse, I would love to have you, I will put a link here that will take you over to the sign up page, and when you sign up, you’ll automatically get access to the whole smoothie cleanse booklet which includes the five recipes that we’re talking about in today’s blog. So, there’s tons of information in there and I would love, love, love if you guys would join us. So, before we dive into the recipes, I want to just quickly talk to you about what I believe constitutes as a slimming smoothie.

Here Are Top 5 Smoothies Recipe With Ingredients

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For me, smoothies, in general, are slimming foods because they are really easy on your system, they’re easy to digest,your stomach doesn’t have to go through that whole digestion process of breaking down whole foods, smoothies are already blended up, so they’re really easy on your system which also makes them kind of anti-bloat and helps keep your tummy flatter, but there are specific things I think that you can include in your smoothies that will make them even better for your system and help you bloat even less. So, there are three things I think that make up a slimming smoothie and all of these recipes include all three, so they are a healthy fat, a hydrating fruit or vegetable, and also some form of plant-based protein. So, all of these recipes include all three of those aspects and I really think you guys are going to love these recipes, so let’s just go ahead and dive into the blog.

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