Throwing Power Exercises: How to increase your throwing strength?

If there is any type of strength that can be deemed vital for an aspiring quarterback, it has to be throwing strength.

No one in the team should be able to launch the ball further up the field than the quarterback and no one should be able to fire off short passes to the receivers quicker.

There are a number of ways to increase your overall throwing strength and these exercises are vital.

There are two key areas to focus on when training to improve your throwing ability. Mechanics and strength.

The technique behind throwing the ball is just as important as having the strength to cover ground.

Balance is key

Quarterbacks balance on the ball of their back foot so that they are ready to push off of that foot when throwing. The lead shoulder should be kept low so the torso can be rotated.

Weight is shifted forward as the ball is thrown, pushing off the back foot and rotating the hip toward the target. You should follow through completely to generate power. The right thumb should travel down to meet the left hip, or vice versa for a left handed thrower.

There are four very simple exercises that can be done in the gym or at home with minimal equipment to build the necessary strength.

Single-arm dumbbell presses and single-arm dumbbell rows will keep the body balanced. Lunge rotational twists whilst holding a medicine ball help build the legs and torso.

Finally, shoulder rotations with dumbbells are vital too.