Top Home Remedies for Warts That Work

Contemporary treatment for warts can be expensive, somewhat expensive. Some even come with side effects like skin irritations and blisters. Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies for warts that are highly effective. These remedies are way cheaper than other wart medications and very easy to get. Some can even be found in your garden or your kitchen.

These simple but effective home remedies for warts include:


A simple cooking ingredient, garlic is quite effective against warts. Mash a clove of garlic into paste. Apply a small quantity of the paste to the affected area and tape with a bandage. Do this every day for about a week. The garlic will make the wart fall off. However, ensure that you avoid contact with the surrounding skin so that the wart doesn’t spread. Wash your hands after every application.


Apple cider vinegar has numerous uses, one of which is serving as a home remedy for warts. As a daily therapy, soak a piece of cotton wool or gauze in the vinegar and apply to the wart. Let it sit on it for about an hour or two. You can use an elastic bandage to keep it in place. Do this consistently for days, the acidity of the vinegar would kill the wart. You can then peel it off the skin.


A lot of over-the counter medications contain salicylic acid which has been found to be effective against warts. This is also an active ingredient in aspirin. So, crush aspirin into powder, and apply to the wart to produce the same effect at a cheaper rate. Do this daily. In a matter of days, the wart would shrivel and fall off.


Although quite simple, many people have discovered that onion really works as a solution for warts. Cut a piece of onion into half, hollow out one side, and fill with salt. Apply the onion juice that drips out to the wart several times daily.


Another item on our list of simple but effective home remedies for warts is banana. While it nourishes as a fruit, banana contains a proteolytic enzyme which eats away at a wart until it is gone. You only need the banana peel. Scrape off the soft mass in the inside of the peel and smear on the wart. Do this twice daily. Make sure you wash your hands after every application. Repeat the process until the wart disappears.


Milkweed is a very common wild plant. You can probably find it in your backyard or along the road. Though poisonous if consumed orally, milkweed can be safely applied on a wart. Nonetheless, handle with care. Keep it away from your children and pests and make sure that it does not get into your eyes. Like banana, it is one of the home remedies for warts. It contains the same proteolytic enzyme that will dissolve it. Cut off a few leaves from the plant and squeeze the bottom of the stem till the sap comes out. Peel off part of the top layer of the wart, and then rub the sap on the wart so that it covers it completely. Tape the wart with a bandage. Repeat the process once a day till the wart is gone.,


Essential oils from plants like tea tree oil, lemon grass oil, oregano oil and thyme oil have several antiviral and antiseptic attributes. As home remedies for warts, they are excellent at reducing irritation, relieving pain and drying out warts till they fall off. However, the oregano oil might sting a little so you might choose to dilute it with olive oil.

It is imperative to note however, that these home remedies for warts only eliminate the warts. They do not get rid of the HPV virus which causes the warts. So, being free of warts does not necessarily guarantee that you are free from HPV infection. Also, ensure that what you are treating is a wart before using any of these home remedies. Many warts have broken exterior filled with miniature red dots. If you are not certain, contact a medical practitioner. Even if it is a wart, you might still need to see a doctor before using any of them.