Total Living Drink Greens Review

Juicing has become a big phenomenon amongst health professionals, fitness gurus, nutritional experts and even cancer patients. The juicing machine is also finding its’ way into a growing percentage of American households.

The idea behind this phenomenon is that you’ll be able to get the pure, nutrient-dense ingredients that your body will be able to immediately put to great use. What’s nice is that this can be done without eating an endless amount of fruit and vegetables. This is made even better when you find out just how great the juice actually tastes. All of this is actually the driving force behind what’s known as the Total Living Drink Greens by Kylea. The following Total Living Drink Greens review will go over this product in detail.

This product comes in a powdered form. However, since it really does utilize juices, this is not a powdered form of raw, whole produce. Instead, the fruits and vegetables have actually been juiced -the juice is where the phytonutrients are largely located. These are then converted into a powdered form. Thanks to this process the company’s claim that 1 full serving of their product is the equivalent to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables is actually valid and even highly impressive. In order to experience this for yourself you simply need to add 1 scoop of their powder to your blender with any of the other ingredients that you’d like to have in your smoothie. (Adding water or ice cubes will help to make the smoothie less thick.)

This Ingredients Found in the Total Living Drink Greens

While there are a lot of different ingredients found within this product, some of the main superfoods include:


Apple Juice


Bitter Mellon


Brown Rice








The Price of the Product

If you were to go to a trusted supplements store, such as whole foods, and buy everything that is found within the Total Living Drink juice powder, it would cost you at least $250. All you have to do is take a moment to break down the servings and you can see that there is tremendous value in getting all your daily nutritional needs in one product. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that you’ll be paying $99 for 2.6 lbs. Whenever you use a full scoop per day, this will last you for a month. You can stretch this out so that it will last for 2 months if you only use a half a scoop per day.

Even though this is really a personal preference, for most people it’s a no brainer whenever you stop to consider whether you want to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 to purchase 8 or 9 different supplements or pay less than $100 and open the lid to just one canister each day. Take some time to think about this powder’s contents, cost and how easy to use and you’ll see what a great choice this product is whenever you’re interested in managing your weight, replacing meals or simply living a healthy lifestyle. Remember that one scoop of the Total Living Drink Greens can be used as a meal-replacement too. Each scoop contains over 38 grams of nutrition, including almost 12 grams of protein!

The Good News about This Product

The Total Living Drink Greens also contains amino acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, herbs, probiotics and protein. Of course, this means that there are also a lot of vitamins and minerals found within this product too. Both the protein and the antioxidant servings are really potent and the digestive enzymes are comprehensive as well. This additional protein isn’t found in most of the other superfood drinks that are on the market today so you’ll definitely want to take this important, added bonus into consideration. What most people truly appreciate though are the superfood juice extracts.

Some Drawbacks to This Product

The way this drink tastes is somewhat different because of how strong the broccoli and wheatgrass are. For this reason, you’ll want to add other fresh fruits or vegetables, maybe even some juice to counter the flavor. Anyone who is already used to the flavor of "green" drinks probably won’t even notice the taste at all though.


Now that you know more about Total Living Drink Greens, it’s important to know more about superfoods in general. Whenever you take time to look at the other products that are available both online and in stores today, you can clearly see why this product is at the top of the list. Even though some of these other products are actually quite impressive with the results they can provide, this product is a true nutritional giant.

So, if you have a busy schedule and want to do your very best to keep your kitchen clean at all times, then this is the supplement that you should be putting into your smoothies each day. There have been a lot of success stories whenever it comes to using this product for weight loss, as well as many people who are very happy with using this as a meal replacement too. This is because it’s loaded with fruit and vegetable superfoods, over 13g of superfoods per serving and 38 grams of total nutrition per scoop.