Twenty-two-stone Martyn Ford breaks medicine ball during intense gym session

Ford has broken a medicine ball during an intense gym session which he posted on Instagram, as he awaits news of a fresh opponent after his fight with the Iranian Hulk was cancelled

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World’s Scariest Man breaks punch bag in latest training footage

Martyn Ford has broken a medicine ball during an intense gym session just days after his fight with the Iranian Hulk was postponed.

The British star was training for a heavyweight showdown with Iranian Hulk- real name Sajad Gharibi – on April 30 at The O2 arena, but the event was shelved. Ford has vowed to continue working hard in a bid to find a new opponent to make his iron square debut at a later date.

He has since continued to train and work hard in the gym and has posted an image of a broken medicine ball on Instagram, with the caption: “Oh dear… RIP ball. Broke your ball and your box.” Ford also showed fans footage of his intense workout which included step ups on to a box which was also presumably broken by the giant.

Martyn Ford broke a ball during an intense gym workout

Martyn Ford will no longer face Iranian Hulk on his boxing debut

Ford weighs around 22 stone and stands at incredible six feet 9 inches tall, which has earned him comparisons to some of the leading strongmen including Thor Bjornsson. Ford is friends with Bjornsson’s previous rival Eddie Hall and vowed to step in the ring and execute a revenge plan after the Icelandic star defeated Hall.

Fans suggested that Bjornsson replace his Iranian rival after the fight between the pair was cancelled with Ford suggesting Gharibi was to blame. However the 30-year-old has since hit back at Ford and threatened to pursue legal action. He has now also demanded a new opponent after the fight was shelved at short notice.

The British star revealed he was frustrated with his lack of opponent after planning a longer-term career in boxing. However, he vowed in the aftermath of the fight to continue working towards a fresh challenge.

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“This is a statement I didn’t want to have to release but unfortunately my fight is going to be postponed,” Ford said during a video revealing the news. “The event is still on, it’s just my fight.

“The event will still go ahead and there are some great people and fights on. Unfortunately mine won’t be one of them, for reasons out of my control. It doesn’t take a genius to figure them all out. I don’t want to go down the route of talking about it; too much time and energy has been wasted.

“I’m still training hard, there will be a debut. there will be a fight, I’m just not 100 per cent sure who, when or why, but it will happen.” The entire event has now been cancelled by celebrity boxing promotion Boxstar with retired football star Patrice Evra now missing out on his shot at Adam Saleh.

Ford insisted before the fight was cancelled that he planned to use his experience training in MMA to form a career in combat sports. However he has hit out at his misfortunes surrounding the event, claiming he felt like he had wasted “six months of his life”.

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