UHSM Partners with AnnualOpenEnrollment.com and SureCo Health Care Agency to Help Americans Navigate Health Care Options During Open Enrollment

Health share ministry joins forces with industry leaders to help simplify the process of finding affordable healthcare that meets the needs of individuals and families

Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM), a nonprofit, faith-based organization founded on Christian beliefs and values, has teamed up with AnnualOpenEnrollment.com and SureCo Health Care Agency to ensure individuals and families have the resources they need to navigate Open Enrollment, which runs from November 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, particularly how it works and what health care options best fit each specific situation in the coming year.

“Open Enrollment is a specific period of time in autumn that provides a short window for individuals and families to reevaluate current healthcare benefits, make changes to a policy or enroll in alternatives such as a Christian health share program,” says UHSM President Christopher Jin. “For the thousands of Americans reconsidering their healthcare options during this important decision-making window, it can be quite confusing. That’s why we’ve joined forces with SureCo and AnnualOpenEnrollment.com—both independently serve as helpful guides. The new website and downloadable eBook also provide useful information about affordable healthcare programs—all in a way that is easy to comprehend and digest.”

UHSM health sharing programs are not traditional insurance, but rather unique healthcare that unites Christian-conscious people together to care for one another, sharing medical costs as a faithful community. Unlike traditional insurance plans, health share ministry programs are set up for members to pay a monthly share contribution, which is recorded and deposited into escrow on each member’s behalf. Members are then able to request payments for eligible medical expenses. The idea is that the collective group has a larger financial pool from which to draw than individuals on their own; and that a community of like-minded, healthy people can more effectively lower health care costs if they work together.

AnnualOpenEnrollment.com offers broad educational information and resources to help consumers understand the wide variety of healthcare options available, particularly health share programs, including:

  • Catastrophic Benefits + Wellness – For individuals and families who are primarily healthy but are looking for emergency catastrophic benefits, preventive care and telemedicine – with programs as low as $137 per month

  • Everyday Health Share Programs – For individuals and families who primarily want preventive care and basic medical care, also with emergency catastrophic benefits and telemedicine – with programs as low as $184 per month

  • Comprehensive Health Share Programs – For individuals and families who are looking for more traditional benefits, with access to large networks of medical and prescription providers, but want a more affordable option – with programs as low as $223 per month

  • Specialty Health Share Programs – For those wanting to supplement primary medical health care with extra benefits, there are even health share programs for Critical Illness and Accidents that can contribute to the medical and even everyday expenses from things like heart attacks, strokes, organ transplants, major accidents and more

SureCo Health Care Agency is an independent and unbiased broker contracted with the largest insurance carriers nationwide and specialists in health sharing. Individuals looking for healthcare rely on SureCo to provide overall health and wellness consultations, including options on health share programs if applicable. SureCo Health Care agency can also sign individuals with traditional health insurance if that’s a better fit. The agency also offers group health, critical illness, dental and vision care that drives down costs.

As part of this AnnualOpenEnrollment.com initiative, users can download a free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Open Enrollment, which highlights the three critical components to how open enrollment keeps healthcare costs low and why health share is a popular choice for individuals and families.

“The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on just about every aspect of the economy,” says Jin. “Millions of Americans have either lost their jobs or were forced to shutter their businesses, leaving less money in the pockets of many U.S. workers and entrepreneurs. With SureCo Health Care Agency and AnnualOpenEnrollment.com, people can connect with and get quotes from highly-trained professionals who will guide them through the healthcare maze during a complicated chapter in history. We couldn’t be more pleased to be part of this partnership that’s committed to bringing the best options to the public.”

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