Venereal Warts Treatment Advice (Genital Warts, Anal Warts, Penile / Penis Warts, Vaginal Warts)

Venereal Warts Treatment

Before discussing a remedy for venereal warts, lets

get a little bit more information about them.

What are Venereal Warts? Sometimes spelled vinerial or venerial, commonly known as genital warts, these growths are found in and around the genital region, including the anus, vagina and penis. Venereal warts

are becoming more and more common as the wart virus spreads rapidly. The Human Papilloma virus (HPV), is the virus responsible for venereal warts. It is a virus which infects about 5 million new Americans each year.

Many people do not even have any venereal wart symptoms, and yet they can easily pass the virus on to other people without even having any warts. HPV can lay dormant in the body for many months, and is normally contracted during sexual intercourse. However, in rare cases, woman with venereal warts, can give birth to children who have warts in their mouth or throat.

Most people with genital warts though, are sexually active people between the ages of 15-30. This is also the most common age group for carriers of the virus.

Venereal Warts Symptoms

Many people ignore the signs and don’t seek a remedy or treatment for venereal warts soon enough. This allows the warts to spread.

Warts look like small growths or bumps, which can range in color from red to white to skin color. They can be found as single bumps, but commonly group together in a cluster. They may become itchy but are usually not painful. This normally causes people to leave the condition, hoping it will go away. Treatment is extremely important, as HPV and genital warts have been linked to cancer, and should not be taken lightly. They are simple to treat, if you know how!

What about Treatment?

It is not advisable to use:

Freezing techniques, surgery, unknown herbal remedies, Creams, ointments, and other over the counter medicines for venereal warts, as most of these products contain acids, harmful chemicals and drugs which can do damage to the body.

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