Which of the Personal Dental Plans Will Be a Good Fit for You or Your Family?

There are four types of personal dental plans you should consider before you make a decision to make this important purchase for you or your family. Each plan is different in the benefits you will receive and the cost could vary greatly.

1. The type of plan most us are familiar with has a deductible that you must pay out of your pocket for dental services before the plan will pay anything toward your bill. Sometimes a co-insurance of ten to twenty percent can be added to the deductible. This plan is commonly known as an indemnity or a traditional plan.

A positive aspect of the traditional plans is there is a large group of dentists that you can choose from. A downside that you should consider is the traditional or indemnity plans can be expensive when you consider the cost of the insurance coverage and added to that you have your out of pocket deductible expenses.

2. A dental PPO plan is different from traditional dental insurance in that you have less freedom in your choice of a dentist. Your dentist will belong to a group of dentists that have agreed to accept reduced fees for their services.

The PPO plan should be more affordable than the traditional plan in that with the PPO you are only responsible for a small deductible or co-pay at the time of your visit. Another plus with the PPO is that you can schedule an appointment with a dentist out of the network. If you decide to do this it is important to remember that dental appointments out of network are subject to a deductible and you will not be able to use your co-pay.

3. A dental HMO plan is similar to a medical HMO that you may be familiar with. You will have a network of dentists to choose from. Once you have chosen the dentist that you would like to have as your primary dentist this dentist will attend to all of your primary dental needs. If you need to have some type of specialty work this dental office will arrange your visit to the dental specialist.

Unlike a dental PPO with the dental HMO you cannot go outside of the network. You could be responsible for the entire bill for this visit. Also this type of plan is usually associated with a large employee group and don’t always cater to individuals.

4. Out of all the personal dental plans a discount dental plan may meet your needs especially if you recently lost your coverage through a job loss, or maybe you find yourself in a financial crunch because of the economy. This plan is a great alternative to the other three plans we have discussed because it is very affordable.

This type of plan actually gives you generous discounts on the services offered by the dentist. The discounts can range from ten percent to sixty percent and generally the more costly the procedure the larger the discount. The dentists that accept this plan don’t belong to a network. Each dentist will decide on an individual basis which dental discount plans he or she will accept. There are many thousands of dentists in the United States that accept this type of plan.

So how can you decide which of the personal dental plans would be a good fit for you or your family. Going online to get more information to compare various plans for benefits and costs would be a good start.